Musings From the Mystic Path is the official newsletter for Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW. Its launch date was May 4.2016 and we are never lacking for creative products from our membership to be shared and enjoyed by you, our dear readers.

The idea for the newsletter arose during a series of classes entitled Ecstatic Awakening, offered by our coven in April of 2016. The 4-session class had focus on learning how to reach states of ecstasy in ritual and spiritual practice using words, music, song and movement as the catalysts. When we had the class that was specific to the written word, each participant’s assignment was to craft an original piece of writing to be shared with everyone. The writer stood front and center and gave voice to what had lovingly and carefully been committed to pen and paper. I, as well as the entirety of the class were blown away by what each had written, shared and opened us to seeing a glimpse f their passions, joy, sorrows, pain and more. It took less than 24-hours for me to formulate the concept of this newsletter as another way of keeping that ecstasy alive and allowing the readers of it to be inspired and uplifted. That was on April 12.2016, and so, here we are now ready to enjoy and share the beauty of our own creative outpourings.

About Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW

Coven of the Mystic Path is a Wiccan Coven within the Tradition of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. It is the Air coven in the Circle of Capricorn and resonates with the astrological Air of Libra. We seek balance of Mind, Heart and Body in all endeavors, both magickal and Divine.

The focus of Mystic Path is that of developing the Mind as the place of beginning that manifests into physical reality and through the work of the physical form pierces the veiling of disconnect from the magickal world. We see our physical world as the place of our Great Work and ourselves as the vessel of the Divine that holds the key to co-creation and change.

We encourage growth at a personal level and finding the place of service within community as an act of reciprocity. We hone our skills through personal practice and the connections forged as a working magickal community of coven and Tradition. We acknowledge the Divine within and seek that eternal flame within others. From the place of balance of Heart and Mind we use our gift of manifest form to weave the magick of helping to re-enchant the world.

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