October2018:Time to Reflect

Vol. 3 – Issue 6

Musings From the Mystic Path

Photography by Ed Dahlin

The Month of October 

This month is a special Editor’s Edition. Our regular contributors and columnists are taking a much needed break to renew and refresh for the upcoming months. The weather has a distinct chill in the air and thoughts of settling in at home after a long day at work are on the radar. Not too far away will also be the start of the holiday season and the business of preparation and enjoying time with friends and family will consume the Winter’s bleakness. So, this is precisely the month to take it easy and lighten the load.

I’ve selected a few favorites and a few new selections for a quick read. Next month we will explore more of the Harvest and deepening the reflective heart. Enjoy!

“Ah, Lovely October, as you usher in the season that awakens my soul, your awesome beauty compels my spirit to soar like an leaf caught in an autumn breeze and
my heart to sing like a heavenly choir.” 

– Peggy Toney Horton –

Featured Writings

Reaching Out

Pointed extensions of angular
Line and scalloped edges creating
An open greenery of hands
Delicately reaching out.

Water would cascade down
Pouring from pointed tip.

Sunlight creates beams of
Light captured and focused
Through pointed tip.

Angles soft, yet precise
Create a crowd of green
Leafy fingers reaching out.

This time of the year requires cleaning and clearing both inside and out. An encore of an article from last year’s October Issue to use now….

Make Your Home a Safe Space for You and Your Loved Ones
by Flash Maeve

Feeling out of sorts in your own home? Do things go bump in the night, and no cat is pushing things off the table? Is that a creaking floor board or is it a being you didn’t invite, creeping down the hall?

Make your home your safe space. Clear it of unwanted distractions or energetic intrusions. Claim it as your own and hold your intent for it to be sacred and secure. “This is my home, this is my safe space, nothing and no being can enter it without my welcoming it into this space.”

How can you go about this you ask? It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. This is the simple method. Use your amazing imagination to make it as fantastical as you will it to be.

  • Physically clean your home from top to bottom, or hire someone else to clean it for you.
  • Start at the top of your home, with your spirit broom and sweep all negative energy from the top of your home towards and out your front door.
  • Hold a clear image of your home as sanctuary.
  • Make a sea salt & hot water solution in a drinking glass. Draw an invoking earth pentacle with this solution on every window, mirror and door, working from the top of your home towards the front door.
  • Get a white sage smudge stick. Light it, blow it out and smudge your home from top to bottom with the cleansing scent of sage incense.

Claim your home for your own safe space and make it your sanctuary, where only those you invite in may enter. So mote it be! With Blessings, Flash Maeve

30-Days of Samhain

 offered by Robin Fennelly

The final harvest calls, the Ancestors await and the veils between the worlds have thinned offering the gifts of healing, transformation and deeper communion with the cycles of nature.

Last year I decided to explore the mysteries of Samhain using a daily format of postings and suggestions to deepen your awareness of this sacred time of the year. I am sharing this again for this year’s celebrations and will be adding some other material as we move through the 30-Days of Samhain. Let the journey begin…

The countdown ends with Astrological Samhain, so Day One begins on October 9th and Day Thirty ends on November 7th. Enjoy…

Day One begins here… Welcome and Introduction

For Quick Links visit: 30-Days of Samhain-Index


“There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir: We must rise and follow her, When from every hill of flame She calls, and calls each vagabond by name.” 
– William Bliss – 


Summer Slipped Away
By M.H.

Summer slipped away,
Golden leaves swirl in a crisp, autumn breeze
Painted pumpkins on the porch
Sweet hot cider with cinnamon warms the palate
Winter winds arrive, skies turn grey, darkness comes earlier
Hearth fires burn brightly,
Majestic evergreens are quietly blanketed with heavy snow
Icicles hanging, sparkling frost patterns on the window pane,
Spring rains, melting snow, crocuses peek through the soil
Fragrant flowers bloom, robins nesting in the trees,
Fresh mint ice tea with a twist of lemon cools the palate
Summer meadows filled with butterflies, darkness comes later
Fireflies twinkling nightly,
Fields of golden wheat, and grain bring bountiful harvests
Fall foliage displays a dazzling array of colors to catch the eye
Summer slipped away.

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”
– George Eliot –

An October’s Night Meditation

The Horn of Plenty

Take a few deep breaths, filling your lungs on the inhalation and gently breathing out on the exhalation. Allow your body to sit comfortably on the surface on which you are sitting. You feel no tension or strain in any part of your body. Allow your breathing pattern to establish its own rhythm; the gentle rise and fall of your chest and a deepening feeling of relaxation with each exhalation.

Turn your focus now on the space behind your closed lids and create an inner screen upon which various images may be projected. This is your gateway into a meditative state of peace, calm, renewal and tranquility. A fine mist of indigo blue energy fills the screen and you are drawn to it. In your mind’s eye you see yourself approach the center of this screen and gently step through.

You emerge on the other side and find yourself at the edge of a wooded forest at dusk. The sky is ablaze and bathed in reds and oranges casting a serene glow on all it touches. The smell of autumn is in the air and the leaves of the trees are a palette of reds, browns and golds. This is the time of the harvest. The time when that which was seeded in the Spring and nurtured throughout the Summer is ready to be gathered. You walk forward on a path between the trees and each step forward produces the sound of crackling leaves echoing from tree to tree. A gentle breeze carries the scent of apples, pumpkin pie, corn pudding and bread baking. Take a moment to enjoy the aromas and sounds surrounding you.

As you continue walking you are drawn to a light ahead and see a thatched roof cottage just ahead. A curl of smoke spirals upwards from the chimney and the glow of amber colored light can be seen through the windows. You are drawn to this place and a sense of familiarity fills your being. You step up onto the porch and pumpkins, gourds and tied bales of hale adorn the entryway. The scent of fragrant wood burning in a hearth within and the front door slightly ajar beckon you to come in.

You gently push the door open and amber hues, table top baskets of apples and a crackling fireplace fill the panorama of view. Take a moment to look around. Drink in the sights, smells and sounds and make yourself at home in the cozy cottage.

As you continue with your exploration your eyes come to rest on a wicker basket that is shaped as a Horn of Plenty. It sits on a small side table and contains within small scrolls of parchment that are rolled and bound by an earthy green ribbon. You are curious about the contents contained within the Horn and what meaning they may hold for you. In keeping with the warmth and welcome you have felt from the time of stepping into this place of serenity, you reach out and take one of the scrolls from the Horn. You gently unroll it and see what has been gifted to you. You look at the words written and know intuitively that this is your promise of a full and abundant harvest that is crafted from all of the best parts of your being. This represents that which is both a gift to yourself and in turn will also become a gift you share with all you meet.

Holding your scroll tightly to your breast you move to sit in a rocking chair just in front of the fireplace. As you gaze into the flickering and dancing flames you see the many images of each of the positive actions you have taken this year. All of the successes of those seeds of new beginnings planted and the ripe lush fruit that has come to full harvest. Take a few moments to reflect on these many beautiful, positive qualities that are expressions of your higher SELF. As you linger in these thoughts, you become aware that the scroll you have been holding is slowly being absorbed into the inner flames of your hearth fires.

You have received all that is needed at this time and you once again stand looking at the beauty of the room surrounding you. Take a final look around the room and acknowledge that this is your private place to which you may return at any time. Your gaze is caught once again by the Horn of Plenty and to your surprise you see that now in place of the scrolls the Horn has become an abundant cornucopia filled with fruit, squash, corn, apples and nuts. The small table is filled to overflowing with all the bounty of the Harvest and somehow you know that this abundance reflects the many images you found within your own basket of plenty. You walk towards the door, gently push it open and step out into the forest, now lit by the brilliance of a honey gold sunset. The velvet of the night sky is minutes away and the hush and calm promise of a restful evening are just ahead.

As you stand looking out the blue veil of mist forms directly in front of you. You step through and once again return to the place of your inner screen. As you feel the calm re-entry into this space, your inner screen gently fades and your focus returns to sound of your breath and its serene rhythm. Allow yourself to slowly and gently return to the physicality of sitting in this space. To the feeling of your body in chair or on whatever surface you have been sitting upon. To the gentle rise and fall of breath and when you are ready, gently flutter your eyes open and return to this space of calm.

“The crickets still sing in October. And lilly, she’s trying to bloom. Tho she’s resting her head on the shoulder of death, she still shines by the light of the moon.”
– Kevin Dalton – 

Spiritual Spiral
by LDB

Spiral: A curve that is the locus of a point that rotates about a fixed point while continuously increasing its distance from that point

Itu: that which is broken or torn apart

Center: Spiral of origin begins

An egg was burst at conception
At birth, I burst into a fragmented family
The spiral of my life rotates around a center
Which is broken or torn apart
With perspective the orbit grows smaller
As I age, I spiral out
Continuously increasing distance from that broken center
There is movement within a spiral
To my life spiral, I add perspective of ITU
Bringing parts of myself into alignment
Knowing that a broken center cannot hold
I span the hole with Spirit
I am whole. I am healed
Spiral becomes Spiritual

“when you came you cried and everybody smiled with joy;
when you go smile and let the world cry for you.”
-Rabindranath Tagore-

Calling to the Ancient

The Gift of Samhain

Samhain and its counterpart, Beltane, are the time of access to the wisdom of the natural world and the Ancestors. The energy that is called forth at Beltane and communion with the nature spirits and the Fae stands as the point of inception and quickening of what will move, expand and grow in its form and scope towards the next opportunity. When it comes half wheel cycle to Samhain this energy of communication with and greater access to what lay beyond our physical realms has matured and deepened as we call to the Ancestors to offer up their wisdom. It is this wisdom that will carry us through the darkening of the months, the turning within and the introspection that holds within its womb the spark of Light that will be birthed at the Winter Solstice.

I do a great deal of personal energetic work infusing some of the Eastern mystical practices with those of Western Magick. When drawing on this synthesis and applying it to the energies present at Beltane and Samhain we can use each to inform the other. Beltane’s fires are those of consummate union, celebrated with the union of God and Goddess, male and female. These are the qualities of the polarities held within each of us. Parting the veils at this time is an opening to our natural and instinctual self. The connection to the basic needs and desires that are the promise of continuation of species and cycle of growth and evolution. Energetically, as we enter Samhain’s parting of the veils and its energy we are now ready to open to the experience of our mature and wizened nature and the union of what we may access of the Higher Self informed by the wisdom of our Lower Self. The union of these integral parts of our spiritual and physical states of being enables the transformative reaching out and ultimate connection to the Ancestors who have helped to form who we are.

As we enter into the Dark Half of the year, the winter months and the Sabbats that are held within that space we bring with us the expectations of this growth. We have finished harvesting what had been nurtured from the time of the previous Winter Solstice forward and we hold expectation that the ripe fruits we have carefully selected from this harvest will sustain us through this time of fallow fields, frost and cold. We approach the opening of the veils with great expectations of coming face to face with what visions and mysteries are rooted in our core state of being and align ourselves with the energies of the Dark Goddess and the wisdom of the Crone. It is Her wisdom that takes us into the realms of the Ancestors and the blessings they wish to bestow. And. although we may feel that our intent is clear and purposeful, we often do not embrace every ounce of what lay hidden, largely from fear of what we will lay claim to. Moreover, we hesitate because we are afraid of what the answers that we so dearly seek may be.

For many there is lack of clarity about who and what the Ancestors are. And, this definition will be a variety of things depending on your own beliefs. The Ancestors may be of your own lineage, meaning departed family or those whom offered guidance during their living human existence. If you expand this further and consider that we are all interconnected as spiritual beings, regardless of blood lines, the Ancestors take on the form of all of the great souls who in their incarnation offered teachings, wisdom, and were examples of illuminated and evolved humans. These are those that exemplified the adage that we are Spiritual beings having a physical experience. Most often when you begin the intention of asking for information of the Ancestors, there is greater comfort in the specificity of inquiring of a departed family member or friend. The personal connection and feeling is what makes the difference between asking for help from a Patron or Deity you work with and an Ancestor.

The truth of the matter is that the Ancestors, our guides and guardians want us to succeed. They want us to step fully into the light of who and what we truly are. The Gods and Goddesses want us to become more fully aligned with facing our truths, because then we are better able to see the reality and beauty of their truths. In all of these instances the time of Samhain and the parting of the veils is the optimal time for reaching out and drawing to ourselves the reflected and refined image of understanding that holds everything we need to know.

One of the primary precepts in working with Ancestral wisdom is that of gratitude. Whenever we step into a place of gratitude for what has been received we are aligning ourselves with our Higher Self. Offerings to the Ancestors, altars of remembrance or simply holding a cherished memory in mind strengthen that energetic connection. Opening ourselves to offering up and the act of expressing that gratitude initiates a cycle of receipt and return. It is the universal law of magnetism in action. All that we send out, positive or negative seeks the energy of that which is compatible and similar. Gratitude calls to our place of Spirit within the eternal and the wisdom of those who reside within those realms.

If we are able to stand strong in our conviction and intent to seek the wisdom of our Ancestors as the thinning between the worlds occurs, the information gained becomes the foundation upon which we stand as we begin the process of turning within and integrating what has been received. Like the Hermit of the Tarot, we become the master of our own Will, seeking our truths and finding our way using the light of the lantern of truth.

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Upcoming Events-2018

Ma’at and Order in the Chaos-continuing

The Hermetic Laws in Action
September 18-October 23

This 6-week series will explore the concept of Ma’at as both the form of Goddess and as the embodiment and ideology of Order. This necessary Order maintained the balance of a universe that was by nature, borne of chaos in accord with the universal laws. For more information, Click Here….

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