Sept2018:Back to School-Back to Healing

Vol. 3 – Issue 5

Musings From the Mystic Path

The Month of September

September is here and so is the start up of  school, back to work and the end of summer vacations. This begins the season of holidays, business beyond belief and the next space of rest in sight being a few months away. We’ve chosen this month to offer some tools for healing. After all, feeling strong and healthy, whole and at ease will go a long way in being able to fulfill your needs as well as others’ expectations. We have our favorite columns this month and a healing pathworking you can use as a solitary or a group. Time to let the healing waters flow…

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”
– Hippocrates –

Featured Writings


The Healing Moon of Grace: A Recorded Pathworking

by RCF

Healing begins with forgiveness of self. It begins with alignment and knowledge of the rise and fall of the great ocean of our emotional tides and the desires that the heart seeks in steadying and calming those waters. Healing arises as the great tidal wave that absorbs all in its path and becomes the gentle flow that moves from the hands that calm, soothe and holds all in their loving embrace.

Join me in a pathworking of healing and in the fullness of this auspicious Full Moon in Pisces let the healing begin….

Click on the following link: The Healing Moon of Grace

Note: Although this pathworking is being offered during this Full Moon phase, the grace of Pisces is that the energy of healing flows continually. We are always in process of finding the compassionate and healing waters that allow growth and change within our lives to occur productively. Please consider using this pathworking regularly and returning to it when you feel the most unsettled and in need of these healing waters. Blessings on your journey…Read the full article here

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” 
– Paracelsus –

A Healing Ritual for the Harvest

by Robin and members of Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW

Recently our coven had a closed healing ritual as many of us have had health, financial and other events that caused dis-ease and unsettled mind and heart. I thought that this month was a prefect time to offer a modified version of that ritual, complete with some beautiful invocations, and castings that can be performed as a solitary pursuit. Feel free to modify in whatever way holds the most resonance for you.

What you will need:

  • 4/Candles to mark the cardinal directions of East, South, West and North (I like to use the dollar store glass pillar candles. They contain the flame and wax and are a nice size to be re-used for this purpose);
  • A Chalice;
  • Purified Water;
  • An amulet or crystal if you wish to embed the energy into it for later use.

Select a space where you will not be disturbed and may easily set out candles for quarter gates and perhaps a small central altar to hold your chalice, purified water and amulet/crystal.

Take a few moments to calm and steady yourself, feeling the flow of Mother Earth’s energy and Father Sky’s co-mingling within the strength of the center-point of your being. Look around at the placement of your candles and the chalice you have selected for this healing.

Now, begin to create Sacred Space in whatever fashion you are accustomed. Within our Tradition we scribe the circle envisioning blue flame and stand before each of the quarter Gates, opening with an aligned call, lighting the candle and scribing the invoking Pentagram as completion.(Quarter Calls we used are at the bottom of this article)

If you would like to call Deity into the space to witness and aid your working, do so now. (The invocations we used are at the bottom of this article).

Once Sacred Space has been created, come to stand before your chalice and the purified water. Pour some of the water into your chalice and hold the filled cup close to your heart-center as you form the intention of what you need healing for. Allow the energy to flow through you into your chalice, the water being the gateway to healing and renewal.

Holding the Chalice, walk to the Eastern Gate and stand before the candle of light of Mind and Air. Envision the healing breath of inspiration and a mind that is in alignment with thoughts of healing and a whole state of being. Breathe into your chalice these intentions and offer thanks to the energies of the Eastern Gate for their wisdom.

Holding your Chalice, walk to the Southern Gate and stand before its candle of light of Will to Action. Envision the healing flame that burns away what no longer serves and the transmutation of action towards the Highest Good for all. Feel the heat of your manifest form generating this space of creation’s fires and allow that energy to fill your chalice with these intentions. Offer up thanks to the energies of the Southern Gate for their informed action.

Holding your Chalice, walk to the Western Gate and stand before its candle of light of Heart and Intuitive Sight. Envision the gentle waters that wash away and refine to make ready the beginning of healing that is borne of the ebb and flow of tides of change. Feel this current of serenity and renewal flowing through every part of your being and flowing out into your chalice. Feel the connection now of mind, heart and will as the rising waters of self-compassion carry you to the shores of healing. Offer up thanks to these energies of the Western Gate for their gnosis.

Holding your Chalice, walk to the Northern Gate and stand before its candle of light of Manifestation and Foundation. Envision your physical form in wholeness and strength. Envision your manifest world in wholeness and health. Envision your being in a state of power, strength and standing firmly upon foundations of informed mind, creation’s fires and inspired heart, now all as one and aligned with healing. Pour this energy into your chalice and when you are ready, slowly drink the water contained. If you have brought an amulet or crystal into the space to infuse with this energy, leave a small amount of the water to sprinkle on the object.

When your chalice has been emptied, breath into this space of container and envision the potential that now lay in what may be filled anew and stands always as the ready container for healing, wisdom and heart. Spend as much time as is needed to “feel” the waters of healing moving through each cell of your body and to connect in whatever way you wish with Deity.

When you are ready and complete, return your Chalice to its place, and begin the process of releasing Sacred Space and offering up thanks to those seen and unseen who aided in this ritual. If you are able, slowly return to the energy of your day, feeling renewed and whole. So Mote It Be!

Quarter Calls
by Celestine

Spirits of the East, I call to you to come forth as a soft breath uttering words of compassion and forgiveness. I ask you to carry to us the whispers of love and encouragement from loved ones who no longer reside on this plane but who care about us still.

Spirits of the South, I call to you to come forth and awaken the banked coals of the active and dynamic healing processes within us so we can heal the festering wounds caused by residual guilt or anger. I ask you to stoke our will and passion that we may move forward from the despair and sadness of loss and embrace life filled with joyful exuberance.

Spirits of the West, I call you to come forth as the warm, salty tears shed in grief or anger. I ask you to carry us on the gentle currents of our tears back to the comforting womb of the Mother so we can feel her ever present love and nurturing.

Spirits of the North, I call to you to come forth as the strength of our own mortal bodies that carry us through good times and bad. We call to the strength of the Mother Earth and ask you to give us support as we work to heal and become whole.

I call to the Spirit in each of us and bid you come forth and connect to the All so we can receive the messages of love and compassion that our higher selves and the Divine so desperately want us to hear.

We are now in a placed of perfect love and perfect trust. We can each proceed to work on our individual wounds knowing that we are in a safe and gentle place. So Mote it Be!

Spirits of the East, we thank you for helping us carry on the communication needed to help us heal and rejuvenate our souls. As I close these gates, I ask you to continue to amplify words of love and compassion so that they can clearly be heard by us and by others against the background noise of daily life.

Spirits of the South, we thank you for helping us reveal the fresh, undamaged parts of ourselves that can embrace life with joy and loving compassion. As I close these gates, I ask you to continue to stoke our will so that we can move forward on our life’s journey unencumbered by guilt or anger from past losses and hurts.

Spirits of the West, we thank you for the healing waters used to cleanse us of past pain and sorrows. As I close these gates, I ask you to continue to remind us that we may ride the currents of our tears back to the Mothers gentle embrace anytime we are in need of healing and nurturing.

Spirits of the North, we thank you for providing support as we started the necessary work to heal ourselves. As I close these gates, we ask that you continue to remind us of the strength of our bodies that will continue to carry us forward into the next exciting phase of our lives.

As I close this circle I return any residual healing back to the Earth so she can heal herself of current and past wounds and can continue to support and sustain life.

Go forth with love and compassion in your hearts. And be gentle with yourselves as the healing process that is on-going. Blessed be!

by M.H.

Hail Ancient Ones!

Mighty Lord,

You are the Sun rising over the horizon, bringing new light.
You are the skilled Hunter and the Stag that runs unbridled and robustly through the dark green forests.

You are Love, Life and Death

Lady of the Moon,
You are the Mother, Maiden, and Crone, compassionate Creator of all life.
You are the cool rains that fall cleansing and nourishing our Spirits

You are Love, Life and Death

God and Goddess
You are all the stars in the Heavens above us and you are the Earth’s foundation of rocks and crystals beneath us

You who are the keepers of the Light, and the Healers
We invited you to witness this healing ritual
Join us now lending your support and strength as we seek to release our losses and heal our inner self

We Bid you, Hail and Welcome!

“The wilderness is healing, a therapy for the soul.”
-Nicholas Kristof –

Focus On…

The Intersection of Moon Phase, Astrology, Elemental Energy, and Magick

by Ionlanthe

We are at September’s door, thus we approach the end of summer and beginning of autumn. At the Autumnal equinox, the time when night and day occupy an equal duration within one 24-hour period, we will celebrate Mabon. This harvest festival, which will happen on Sunday September 23, 2018, is when we reap what we sowed earlier in the year. It is time to honor a moment of balance. We still have the Sun’s warmth, there are still crops in the field, we can still enjoy being out of doors. Soon, all too soon, the fields will be harvested, the amount of daylight hours will be shorter, the air will become cooler, and we will be spending more time indoors. We are at the pivot point between summer and autumn.

The Moon at Mabon will be waxing, two days out from being full, and will be in Pisces, the mutable water sign. Pisces energy is one which supports the exploration of diving into the depths of emotions in attempt to understand all that is around. At this time of balance, we can look inward and outward, in an attempt to understand what is ours to keep and what we cannot hold onto.

Two days later, when the Moon becomes full, it will be in Aries, the cardinal fire sign, which has the impulse to start something, and generate sparks of newness. What will we be starting now, when the days are shorter and nights are longer? When the warmth of summer is yielding to the cooler autumn?

We can look to the leaves of the trees. Some will have started to show their fall colors. The full richness of fall colors is due to the withdrawal of the chlorophyll. According to the web site for the College of Environmental Science and Forestry, a campus of the State University of New York….

“But in the fall, because of changes in the length of daylight and changes in temperature, the leaves stop their food-making process. The chlorophyll breaks down, the green color disappears, and the yellow to orange colors become visible and give the leaves part of their fall splendor.”

At a time when the trees stop their food-making process, and we stop planting new crops, it is time to show our true colors. As a woman ages from being a maiden to a mother to a crone, and a man ages from youth to father to sage, and so move beyond their child-bearing and child-rearing years, so, too, can we all show different facets to ourselves, other than the nurturing of others. What colors can be revealed when we remove the layer of child-care, of growing and nurturing new life, of tending to the gardens, that we have been doing all summer long? Now that the year is waning, what can we give birth to, within ourselves? What outlet can our creativity take? Let this season remind us that we can grow and create something that may live beyond us. We can birth a new idea, a new project, and new connection to Spirit. Let the mutable Pisces water energy inform the deep dive into what moves you to create, then let the Aries fire spark you into taking the next step toward creating what you want to have.

If you look around you, you will see some of the symbols of Mabon for inspiration. There will a bounty of pine cones and acorns underfoot. The pine cones and acorns are how the trees reproduce themselves. The leaves of the trees will be begin turning red, orange, brown, and gold. The light from the sun will be lower in the sky. You may see a skein of geese flying south for the winter. The Wheel of the year is turning. How will you honor the change in the seasons?

Here are some ideas:
Go out into the woods or a field with a bottle of water. Find some plants that have gone to seed and gather the seeds or seed pods. Hold the seeds in your hands. Hold them up to the sky and say, “A gift from the Earth to the Gods.” Touch the seeds to your heart chakra and say, “A gift from the Earth to me.” Sprinkle the seeds onto the earth, cover them lightly with soil, and say, “A gift from the Gods and from me to the Earth.” Pour some water from your water bottle onto the seeds you have just planted. Know that some of them will take root, and grow, and start the next generation of trees or flowers. They will create beauty, or food, or a home for birds or wild animals.

Another way to honor the season is to remember your departed loved ones. If you can, go to the place where they are buried and place some acorns and pine cones on their grave sites as a reminder of the eternal cycle.

Creation of something beautiful can be magickal. Let it flow from you, as the colors of the turning leaves flow from the withdrawing of the green of chlorophyll. Let your colors show: bring out some paints, or pencils, or crayons, and a big piece of paper. Water color would be especially appropriate for the watery Pisces Mabon. Pick up your drawing tool, set yourself in front of the paper, then let your energy run freely. All art is a creation that never existed before: make something new. When you are finished, sign it. You are a maker of art. Celebrate your creativity.

Strive for balance at this pivot point; explore inward, express outward. Enjoy the light and warmth; prepare for the coming longer dark days and coolness. Blessings of the season to

“Find a part of yourself hidden in the twilight.”
– Fennel Hudson –

Journeys on the Yogi’s Magick Mat

” Every Posture Is a Journey Not a Destination “

Time flies by and already the kids are back to school and summers peak heat has passed. Many are anticipating the change of the upcoming harvest from berries and summer squash to apples and everything pumpkin. The fall equinox is almost upon us as well, a time of equal day and night. Naturally, thoughts and ideas of balance and harvest blessings arise.

Balance, in relationship to our own well being is a topic I feel we need to constantly address and work on. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of issues; from politics, to the environment, racism, to education etc. that we are inundated with. These hot topics are paramount, of course, many say we are at a crossroads and in full crisis mode. I do not deny, we have our hands full and there is critical work to do. However, there is a reason the instructions on an airplane guide you to put an oxygen mask on yourself first. “You can’t pour from an empty cup” is a self care expression used often.

Thankfully, many are recognizing our need for breaks and replenishment. For our own sanity: it’s necessary to step away from the barrage of negativity, the news, the social media war zone and go on a mental health hiatus. A bit of respite is imperative. Vacations are wonderful of course, but that may only be for a couple weeks a year (& don’t get me started on folks that do not take their vacation time). We need positive daily practices to counterbalance our reality. We need repetitious, loving self care.

There is a set of teachings in yoga that address the essential quest for an improved mental state. The Niyamas are suggested observances, practices to improve your inner stage of being. Santosa or contentment is one of the teachings within the Niyamas, which is a part of the yoga practice. Yoga is much more than a set of asanas, breathwork, and meditation. Part of the philosophy speaks to our mindset and lifestyle. It is challenging to constantly check your attitude, to notice when you are simply reacting to others or a temporary situation. To find contentment, we must bear witness to our thoughts and actions. It is easy to continue old habits to deal with stress, especially with our culture of instant gratification. That is the easy way out, usually not healthy, and rarely leaves us feeling better. But I have seen an increase of people on the quest for more balance and contentment.

There are more yoga studios than I ever recall seeing. I see parents taking their kids swimming and to the playground. I see families hiking at state parks or attending their children’s latest extracurricular accomplishments. There is so much beauty in our world, we must pay attention and facilitate its survival. Whether you attend music classes, garden, volunteer or read poetry.

Choosing fulfillment, and incorporating its joy in our daily choices is the practice of Santosa. Acknowledging our blessings will combat the pervasive dis-ease in our society. I know we are all capable of finding more balance, more positivity, less stress and anxiety. I, personally,look forward to taking my dogs for an evening walk. Fresh air, exercise, connecting with neighbors along the way. It is a recharge. I’m fact, my dog recently had 2 puppies, talk about a delightful blessing (even with the lack of sleep). Things have been put on hold, the hedges can be trimmed later, the car can be washed in the next rain.

For now, spending time with the pups, the cutest, innocent fluffy creatures creates such a feeling of merriment and contentment. And so may you find something in your life, in yourself, that brings bliss. Indulge in that energy, milk it up for as much time as you can as often as you can. May you recognize all the healthy blessings in your life, cultivate gratitude, and harvest Santosa…..Happy harvest blessings…..Namaste…. M.Q.

First Steps on the Seeker’s Path

The post this month is an excerpt from my book – A Weekly Reflection. I thought it was an important and timely post for this month’s work of healing. I’ve noticed the crescendo of agitation that many are experiencing and the changes that result as a product of these irritations and disruptions adds a new layer of stress and anxiety.

For me personally these past 15 months have brought so many changes that I can barely name them all. The smaller ones became the foundation from which the larger ones fed and there was many a time that I felt like I was drowning and being pulled down into waters that went so deep that there would never be hope of recovering air. That word “air” was a very subtle key and allowing myself the pause of space to just breathe before encountering the next challenge or making the next decision often brought greater clarity to the decided upon outcome. It was not always an easy outcome, but the control I exerted in “owning” it made all the difference.

And, I suppose one of the most valuable lessons I learned was the very fine balance of knowing how to get out of my way and when to stand strong and firm in what my boundaries were. I believe for most people this is a slow to be learned lesson. We want to feel powerful and in control yet some part of us also just wants to curl up and hide from the inevitabilities of our actions chosen. And, we usually call up the courage of the one when in fact the other is what would produce the better outcome and a change that is lasting and positive in its final product.

My heartfelt wish is that you receive the exact measure of change and respond in the best way to come to a place of strength and beauty in the lessons achieved by seeing the greater opportunity in every change that presents itself.

WEEK 19: Changes

Most of us resist change. Change is something to be feared. The unknown is disquieting and uncomfortable.

The very word itself brings an overwhelming desire to dig in and hold on firmly to whatever is about to change. The irony is that most times after the change has occurred and time has settled in to bring a new perspective, we feel liberated from the old ways that held us inert. The fact of the matter is that change is continually occurring both within and without our being. The cells of our physical bodies shed, regenerate and change daily; transparently and without pain or discomfort. If they did not, our quality of health and life would be impaired.

Our environment changes daily. We encounter different people in different settings hourly. Even what we consider the routine of our job, changes in the scope and intensity that we bring to the task at hand; as well as what the contents of that task are.

Moving with the flow of these changes that are unnoticed, yet prevalent, is what moves us through one day to the next with minimal (if any) discomfort or fear at what lay in wait around the bend. This attitude also allows us to become active observer of what is close at hand that could be used to stabilize and inform us more fully as we proceed. If we see the obstacle ahead we can then shift ever so slightly and avoid being caught unawares and causing damage. The challenge is bringing this level of acceptance to those obvious “changing” moments.

For this week, take note of how you respond to the subtle changes that occur daily. Formulate a plan to respond in the same way to those unexpected changes. Acknowledge each small step that you take that moves you towards this state of change and the feeling that taking control of your circumstances brings to you.

In conclusion…

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.”    
Rachel Naomi Remen-

Upcoming Events-2018

September 18
Celebration of the Solar Year

Ritual of RA-Atum-The Autumnal Equinox

Join us as we celebrate the the light of RA as the setting Sun. Dusk falls and we emerge from the day’s activities, filled with the stories and memories of our interactions. We invoke the power of REN-the Sacred Name- and call to Isis to weave her HEKA and Osiris to welcome us into the contemplation of our inner realms. For more information. Click here…

Ma’at and Order in the Chaos

The Hermetic Laws in Action
September 18-October 23

This 6-week series will explore the concept of Ma’at as both the form of Goddess and as the embodiment and ideology of Order. This necessary Order maintained the balance of a universe that was by nature, borne of chaos in accord with the universal laws. For more information, Click Here….

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