October 2017:Veils, Shadows and Our Beloveds

Vol. 2 – Issue 6

Musings From the Mystic Path
The Month of October
Veils, Shadows and Our Beloveds

Happy October! Pumpkins, fall leaves, scary costumes and more. A time to welcome the ancestors as the veils between the worlds part. Shadows abound as the days become shorter and night crowds in. All in all October is juicy with stories, great food and imaginings.

Musings this month celebrates all of those October treats. Around the world, the dear and departed are celebrated around this time of the year. From the Pagan Sabbat of Samhain to Dia de los Muertos in Mexico to All Soul’s night, this is the time of year to remember those we love and hold dear who have transitioned; passing from this world into the next adventure. They are our beloveds and in our interaction with them we find the beloved within.

We have a special article about Samhain, tips on making your home a safe space, Tesseract’s October highlights and an invocation to the Goddess, Elen of the Ways. Treat yourself to some creativity and good reading… 

Now is a time to lay down your tools, the symbols of your productivity, and light a fire to honor not only what has been done throughout the past year, but also all that has preceded you — in this life, and in all the lives lived before. Now is a time to make space, in your heart and in your mind, for the stillness and silence of death.”
-Teo Bishop-

Featured Writings


An Invocation to Elen of the Ways

Artwork: Caitlin Fennelly, MFA
by R.F. (Introduction) and S.S.E. Invocation

In celebration of the Autumnal Equinox in September, our coven decided to honor the harvest and the wild seen through the gifts of the Goddess, Elen of the Ways. She is one of the elusive deities that resurfaces every so often and particularly when the time is needed. You will not find much regarding her mythology and what is available speaks to the changeable nature of her influence as a Horned Goddess of the (rein)deer paths, a celestial Goddess of the ley lines and paths that formed inter-culture connections, a healing Goddess of the waterways and in the form of St. Helena.

As a Goddess of the wild, she is as hidden (in plain sight) as the Deer themselves and becomes the willing prey to sustain other of the animal species. What follows is the invocation that was written to call her energy into our ritual space and allow us to commune with this primal and potent animal nature that flows through each of us.

We call out to Elen of the Ways, to the Lady who knows the path, the barely trod passage through the woods, the path that may lead us astray, or the path that may lead us home.

We look for you, Lady Elen, in the shadow of trees as we reach the crossroads where we have choices to be made. You who hold the keys to the ley lines, we call to you to come be with us here and now as we seek patterns and guideposts in our journey to our outer paths, and inner explorations.

Lady Elen, who has mastery of migration, who is herself the hunted one, pursued through the woods, ever elusive, we look to you to find a way as we journey in the wilderness. The wilderness of the unknown – of passages not yet taken, or journeys within our own animal selves.

We honor you and we ask you to join us as we seek your counsel, to provide a path for us to explore, to find shelter in the storm, or to brave the elements of whatever comes our way. We invoke your presence in our ritual to honor the wild.

And, She is here. Hail and Welcome!

“With the Beloved’s water of life, no illness remains
In the Beloved’s rose garden of union, no thorn remains.
They say there is a window from one heart to another
How can there be a window where no wall remains?”

A Moment

by M.Q.

Hovering for so long on the border, she crosses over.
I am in the moment, in her sacred space, witnessing the precious energy she created.
Linear time ceased; and I still see her, sense her.
I am detached from my body & yet can feel my emotions swell,
Gratitude, strength, courage, honor and love.
To have been present!
For years, during this season when the leaves begin their descend to mother Earth, my mind goes to our ancestors, our beloved deceased and the great ancient ones.
How can I connect? Will they help me? Do I deserve their help? How can I help them?
They went through so very much; without any of our modern technologies.
They worked; they survived. They appreciated their blessings more. We are spoiled today and take so much for granted. How can I honor them?
I will no longer take my blessings for granted. My home, my country, this body and life, food and water, friends and family. I will laugh and dance more, do more spiritual work. Be present in my divinity.
Ironic how curious I am about the other side of the veil. How I mediate, participate in path workings and rituals, try to recall every dream, every experience away from this current reality and dimension; when I need only be open.
At 4:36 pm, on a Sunday late September afternoon, we met in the middle as she crossed the veils.
I am forever changed and grateful to have witness her transition.
To acknowledge this extraordinary blessing is paying homage to our ancestors and to those who come after us.

“when you came you cried and everybody smiled with joy;
when you go smile and let the world cry for you.”
-Rabindranath Tagore-

Make Your Home a Safe Space for You and Your Loved Ones
by Flash Maeve

Feeling out of sorts in your own home? Do things go bump in the night, and no cat is pushing things off the table? Is that a creaking floor board or is it a being you didn’t invite, creeping down the hall?

Make your home your safe space. Clear it of unwanted distractions or energetic intrusions. Claim it as your own and hold your intent for it to be sacred and secure. “This is my home, this is my safe space, nothing and no being can enter it without my welcoming it into this space.”

How can you go about this you ask? It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. This is the simple method. Use your amazing imagination to make it as fantastical as you will it to be.

  • Physically clean your home from top to bottom, or hire someone else to clean it for you.
  • Start at the top of your home, with your spirit broom and sweep all negative energy from the top of your home towards and out your front door.
  • Hold a clear image of your home as sanctuary.
  • Make a sea salt & hot water solution in a drinking glass. Draw an invoking earth pentacle with this solution on every window, mirror and door, working from the top of your home towards the front door.
  • Get a white sage smudge stick. Light it, blow it out and smudge your home from top to bottom with the cleansing scent of sage incense.

Claim your home for your own safe space and make it your sanctuary, where only those you invite in may enter. So mote it be! With Blessings, Flash Maeve

“To forget our ancestors is to be a brook without a source,
a tree without a root.”
-Chinese Proverb-

Part the Veils: Samhain

by Robin

In shadowy forest of trees
And blackness of night
The call issues forth
To come dance round
Blazing bonfire bright.

Come heed the call
For the mysteries of
Samhain night to be taught
By blessed Ancestor and Kin
Their wisdom to be sought.

The veils finally thinned
The Gates open wide
For Kith and for Kin
To walk by your side.

Night wind chills thickened air
Hush now be silent to hear
The soft whispers of gentle
Spirits who linger quite near.

You know the hidden path
Dried leaves crackle underfoot
You walk through the woods
Canopy of tree holds the darkness
Thick and heavy like blackened soot.

A sacred circle of clearing revealed
Carefully scribed and lovingly prepared
You call to the Ancestors
Your intent boldly declared.

Fire blazes full and flames leap high
As words pierce the silence of night
Wisps of smoke flicker here and there
As you surrender and open to true sight.

Cloaked shadowy figures emerge
Near the trunk of each autumn tree
Penetrating and loving eyes look on
Shrouding their deep mystery.

Wispy fingers that beckon
Calling the Beloved to Their side
Listen closely for answers from
Them to silent questions you
Dare not and cannot hide.

Surrender all of your fears
These specters mean you no harm
Through joys, pain and suffering
They have always helped dry your
Tears and offered up their calm.

Part the veils held between
Ancestor Spirit and gentle Human
Their gift on this Samhain night
The call once again to join each as
One in wisdom’s blessed communion.

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”
-George Eliot-

The Lord of the Hunt

by A.B.

Listen to the Words of the Horned God,
Who was of old called among men:
Adonis, Tammuz, Dianus, Herne,
Bran, Beli, Lugh, Gwyn,
Dionysus, Osiris, Cernunnos, Pan,
And by many other Names.

O Secret of Secrets,
That art hidden in the being of all that lives,
Not Thee do we adore,
For That which adoreth is also Thou.
Thou art That, and That am I.

I am the Flame that burns in the heart of every being,
And in the core of every Star.
I am Life, and the Giver of Life,
Yet therefore is the Knowledge of Me
The Knowledge of Death and Resurrection.

I am alone, the Lord within ourselves,
Whose Name is Mystery of Mysteries.
I am the Horned God.

October is the rutting season for Deer. Stag and Doe move through the forests as primal instinct takes hold. The animal kingdom is preparing for survival through the Winter and the guardians of all that is wild and of nature move through the woods, mountains and more. Come now, and meet the Lord of the hunt- the Horned God of many names….

I am the Lord of the Hunt, who is known by many names! I am keeper of the wild and hunter of what will not survive the harshness of winter’s cull. Come to me and feel the power of the animal within you. Come to me and feel the embrace of my protection and honoring of all life. Stand with me as guardian and slayer of what cannot survive…..

Who is the Lord of the Hunt…..

As you can see from the Charge above, the Lord of the Hunt is known by many names. Herne, Cernunnos, Orion and even, an aspect of Odin, to name a few. He is called as the Horned God, Guardian of the Wild and Protector of the Animals.

Read the full article here:
The Hall of the God: The Lord of the Hunt

We’re all ghosts. We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.”
-Liam Callanan-

Focus On…

Samhain-Honoring the Ancestors

by M.H.

This is the time of year that we are enjoying pumpkin lattes, crisp Fall temperatures, colorful foliage and football games. The Wheel of the Year has turned again bringing us to the third harvest celebration known as Samhain. Some Pagans depending on the tradition believe this is the time of the year to honor our ancestors. The veils between the worlds of the living and the dead are the thinnest. We call to those who have crossed over and listen for their words of encouragement and wisdom.

In the northern areas of the world, the flowers are dying and the trees lose their leaves as the cold weather approaches. This is nature’s way of shedding the old and making room for the new that will come when Spring returns. Death must occur in nature for Life to continue to grow and evolve. The time between Samhain and Yule is a time to reflect on the past year. Focusing on ourselves, our personal accomplishments and failures. Finishing projects, and letting go of any unresolved issues, gives us the ability to move on in our lives. The New Year will bring new hopes and dreams for all of us.

The Sun has begun to weaken and the days grow shorter, Samhain is the dark time of the year. Some Rituals are held to honor the Crone aspect of the Goddess at Samhain. She teaches us that growing old is all a part of the natural course of life. One of the symbols used on the Samhain altar is the cauldron, which can represent the Water element. Since Pagans believe in reincarnation, the cauldron is symbolically a womb filled with the ‘birthing waters’ for conceiving, growth and rebirth of the Spirit.

Other cultures around the world have celebrations to honor their dead. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico, spans several days with festivals and feasting. Colorful flowers, skulls and dancing skeletons are popular symbols.

However, you choose to spend the time between Samhain and Yule,try to remember that physical death is only a part of a Soul’s journey. It is not their end; they continue to exist. We should celebrate and honor the lives of our ancestors. At Samhain, we should try to listen with our hearts and minds open to receive their messages as they continue to teach and guide us with wisdom from behind the veils.

The Intersection of Moon Phase, Astrology, Elemental Energy, and Magick

by Ionlanthe

Now that Autumn is here, we see the leaves changing color, the nights are cooler, and there are fewer hours of day light. For our October Tesseract, we will be looking at the intersection of Moon phase, astrology, elemental energy, and magick enhanced with the addition of the energies of rhythm.

There are interesting synchronicities in the Moon’s phases in the month of October. First, Libra will be in the forefront of both the Moon and the Sun’s movement through the zodiac. Libra’s time is between September 23 and October 22, so the Sun will be in Libra for most of October. The Moon is in conjunction with the Sun during its dark phase and both will be in Libra during the new Moon phase. The dark Moon straddles the new Moon by a day on each side for a period of around 3 days. This year, October’s dark phase of the Moon will be blanketed by Libra’s cardinal air energy. The moment that marks the new Moon will be at 3:12 pm eastern standard time Thursday October 19. The Moon will be in Libra on October 19 and will move from Libra into Scorpio on October 20, be fully present in Scorpio on October 21, and then move from Scorpio into Sagittarius on October 22, and will be fully present in Sagittarius on October 23 when the very first crescent of the waxing Moon will appear and Sagittarius’s fiery light will begin its illumination. During the dark phase, we will have the advantage of Libra’s clear thinking and urge to make plans. This will be balanced by the pull toward Scorpio’s passion just out of reach.

The second synchronicity will be that the full moon in October, which occurs on Thursday October 5, will be in Aries, the cardinal fire sign and which is the sign opposite Libra on the wheel of the zodiac. The dark of the Moon in Libra is balanced against the full Moon in Aries. Opposites will be pulling and pushing. Both Aries and Libra are cardinal signs, which means that Libra (an air sign) will be starting new ideas, making plans, new ways of thinking through a problem, and sometimes takes a lot of time to make a decision or start something new. Aries (a fire sign) has will-power, is oriented toward action, and will likely be acting before thinking through all the consequences.

This pull and push between the opposing forces will set up a pulse or a rhythm that will be felt throughout the month of October. Going inward at the dark phase will be helpful to assess what happened during the active, outward-focused full Moon phase at the beginning of the month. Going inward is a good way to find your own rhythm and your own balance.

Rhythm, the regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound, can be felt, seen, heard. We all have the inner rhythm of our own heartbeats. You can check on your heart beats by taking your pulse. Listen for the constant rhythm of your life’s blood as it marks time of your physical existence. Time, too, is a rhythm. Take note of the ticking of a clock: is it as reassuring as a heartbeat is? Or is it ticking away time, second by second? We each move to our own rhythms, as do the Moon and planets in their rotations. Even the sun rotates on its axis every 27 days, on average. Another synchronicity: it takes the Moon about 27 days to revolve around the earth, so in the time it takes for the Moon to orbit the Earth, the Sun has rotated on its axis.

Another way to focus on rhythm is by listening to music. Can you hear the beat of a favorite tune? Do you find yourself tapping along with the rhythm? Can you not just hear the beat, but feel it within you? Think of a time when you were in ritual and the drum beat kept time and you started to hear its rhythm with your whole body? The sound was outside of you, inside of you, and you were one with the music.

There is rhythm within your own body, in the sounds of nature and of music. Time has its own beat, as does the air we breathe, and the light that flows to us from the sun. The seasons of the year have their own rhythm. Take note of your own rhythms: do you feel most energized in the morning? Or are you a night owl?

Here is an magick working that may help you with noticing rhythms.

Go outside on a beautiful fall day. Find these natural items:

• an acorn (they are so plentiful this year) that will represent cardinal energy and new growth
• a feather that will represent air: Libra’s elemental energy

Collect some water—rain water would be ideal, yet any clear water will do—and put it in a dark bowl. This will represent the dark phase of the Moon.

In October, we begin to observe that nights are longer than day light times. Let us honor this darkness and do our magick at night.

Gather your natural items and bowl of water. Sit quietly and perform the four-fold breath to tune into the rhythm of your breath. Breath in to a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, inhale to a count of 4. Repeat this cycle four times, then return to your own natural rhythm of breathing.

Listen to what you can hear around you – is there a breeze? Crickets chirping? A plane passing overhead? Try to blend the sounds into a background music, if you can. Can you feel a coolness on your skin? Or is it humid or hot? Do you smell any night-blooming flowers? Is someone cooking something you can smell? What do you see in the dark: shapes that are indistinct? Or do you see lights in the distance? Do you have any tastes on your tongue? Stick out your tongue and try to taste the dark night air. How is it different from a sunny day at the beach?

Once you have oriented yourself in your setting, take out your acorn. Hold it in your left hand, then pass it to your right hand. Does it feel different in either hand? Is it heavier or more solid in one hand than in the other? Move it to the other hand. Do you notice a difference? When you are done, place the acorn in the bowl of water. Take your feather and place it in your hand. Notice its weight, its texture, its lightness as compared to the acorn. Can you see it? Think of the type of bird that dropped it. This bird might have flown in migration from the Arctic Circle to somewhere in South America. Or it may have flown from your neighbor’s backyard to yours, and back again. Who knows? We do know it flew in the air and it left this feather as a reminder that we need to look up to the skies to see what we can see. Once you are done with the feather, release it and let it fly away or fall to the earth, as it will.

Now take your bowl of water. Upend it so that the acorn falls to the Earth and the water flows over it. With your finger, make a small hole so that the acorn is buried. From what you have just planted, an oak tree may grow. You have contributed to the rhythm of life on the planet Earth.

I will leave you with this quote: “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Nelson Henderson

First Steps on the Seeker’s Path

Numerology:The Art and Science of Numbers – Part Seven

These past several months of focus for First Steps was the study of Numerology. This is a #10 year.. 2+1+7=10. Numerologically, this adds up to a year where the singular “1” can unite and work side by side with the Limitless all of “0”, timelessness and eternal. 

A note about the planetary correspondences: Although you may find different attributions, those used here are those most commonly used in Numerology.

A Little Review of Completion…

The Continuum

Nothing and everything
the endless void fills all time

One moves in the silence
stretching and reaching
towards the other as Two
swiftly take flight.

They mingle and join
each claiming their own side
so Three may point the way.
Each base stretched far and wide.

Foundations are laid
by another close at hand
who opens the Four sealed Gates.
Disruption and creative force
issues forth as the skillfully crafted
shield of focus reflects the Five.

The light is fixed
the seeker is found
as outpour of healing grace
gives way to the
harmonious Six.

Each walks a path of experience
pulling and gathering from
vista’s extremes.
Wisdom and lessons hard won
fill what moves within.

As Six expands to become Seven
the meandering web that
connects becomes entwined.
A continuum of dual
portal opening and Eight
the final climax of force contained.

Like amoebas they move and
wiggle and stretch and pull
and strain until the
tension and release
catapult them over
the initiatory threshold of
Death’s Nine Gates.

All scatter and disperse
once again seamlessly
part of the void of the All

Once again the singular One rises
reaching out towards its
newly quickened mate.

Nine – 9…represents:

The cycles of my new foundation revealed the Gate of Initiation and I stepped through unafraid of the transformation that that became the brilliance of my new Self

The number Nine (9) relates to death and rebirth, acting as the gate of movement into a new state of being. It is purposeful regeneration of what has been purified and emboldened by the process of release. And, it is in this state of self-awareness, inner light and true wisdom that we are made ready to begin the work of returning to the place of beginning. This is the number that carries us into the darkness so that we may find ourselves in the light. This is the number that decrees that change will occur whether it is welcomed with surrender or fought with all of our might. It is from the number nine that we test our strengths and refine our weaknesses as we cross the threshold of our own glory.

The planetary energy of the number nine is Mars. This is the combustible force that propels new growth forward. It is justifiable assertion of itself that puts the plan in motion and irrational aggressiveness that serves as the tantrum of a child wanting attention and not receiving what is needed, before they can move on to their next creative project. Mars is the corrector of Imbalance, the ultimate equalizer. It is the energy behind a War that strives to bring an end to war, simply because sometimes that is the only way to override a power that is being misused. Anger, aggression and assertiveness are often viewed in our society as being inappropriate and negative behaviors. However, if there were not the fueling of the energetic fires of anger towards the atrocities of child abuse, female mutilation and other social injustices, these injustices and ill-used power plays would go unnoticed and unchanged. The fiery light of Mars shines brightly and brings into the central heat of the flame that which needs transformation.

To read more about Mars:
Spark’s Flying- Mars Alignment

Astrology: The House of Transformation and Endings – Death and Rebirth

The Ninth House is concerned with those things that make us whole after we have been taken apart, analyzed and refined. This is the house of death, both physical and metaphysical and the blessings of rebirth await all who step into the darkness of the unknown. The ruling astrological sign of the ninth house is Sagittarius. This is the sign of outreach and expansion through personal and communal connection. As we reach beyond our own limitations and perceptions of doubt we become fully realized in our place as part of the greater collective of humanity.

Tarot: The Hermit

Tarot Key IX – The Hermit turns within to communicate with the Higher nature of hisbeing to better analyze and come to a place of informed enlightenment. This tarot key serves as the point of accountability The Hermit gives heed to the need for moving into the darkness of soul’s intent before movement into light and balance may be achieved. The Divine light of SELF serves as the lantern of guide and what is sacrificed within the sanctuary of the Hermit becomes the conscience of will that lights the way for its highest expression.

Qabalah: Yesod – Foundation

Yesod is the sphere of dreams, fantasies, memory and the dwelling place of true magick. This sphere holds the key to the unknown and the unknowable. Yesod is known as the “Treasure House of Symbols”. It is here that the Akashic records, which are said to contain the memory and experiences of every living being are held within the substance of Aether (spirit). This attribute alone can give rise to illusion, false conceptions and a deluded sense of Soul’s purpose. It is a world of shadow and illusion; being held in a state of “in-between”. Yesod resonates to the sacral chakra and as such is the plane of sexuality and the potential underlying each act of coupling. It is the fertile breeding ground for all future spiritual development.

And, so it begins anew…

Ten – 10…represents:

I crossed through the Gate and emerged not alone for I carried with me the truth of my beginnings and the knowledge of my final end.

The number Ten (10) is the place of restarting the numerical cycles, now doubled, enhanced and amplified by another number at its side. In this case, we have the singular one, the individual and the limitless nature of zero, which is both receipt from the All and collaboration with all that has been and will be. It is Matter of physical form (1) and the Spirit of the Limitless All (0) joined in effort.

In Conclusion:

Numerology is a fascinating subject that has so many layers of correspondence everything it is applied to becomes more dynamic in the underpinnings of its energy. I hope you have found some useful information and will begin to see the magick of numbers in all of your endeavors. Once you have some of the basics down, forming your own conclusions and deepening levels of understanding comes as easily as 1-2-3! LOL!

“At no other time (than autumn) does the earth let itself be inhaled
in one smell, the ripe earth; in a smell that is in no way inferior
to the smell of the sea, bitter where it borders on taste, and more
honeysweet where you feel it touching the first sounds. Containing
depth within itself, darkness, something of the grave almost.”
-Rainer Maria Rilke-

As the Winter approaches and the harvests are plentiful, take some time to remember those loved ones who seeded your growth, honor them as the beloveds of memory and seek those who are here in the present..

When the Sun rises…
You will be gone.

When the Sun rises…
I will think on all those things I wish I had said.

When the Sun rises…
I wish for just one more day to be with you.

When the Sun rises…
I move slowly in disbelief at the time that slipped through my hands.

When the Sun rises…
I gather all of my strength to face one more day.

When the Sun rises…
I feel the the sorrow of a space no longer filled.

And, When the Sun sets…
I gather to myself the sweet memories of you that will be all I will have when the Sun rises each and every day…..

Take time everyday that the Sun rises to let the people you care about know how much they mean to you!

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