September 2017:Deeper Learning

Vol. 2 – Issue 5

Musings From the Mystic Path
The Month of September
Deeper Learning

Last month we relaxed into Summer’s last hurrah’s and time with family and friends. And, boy did we need that space of ease!

The Fall weather brings a respite from the heat and visually is a feast for the eyes as leaves turn color. This issue is chock-full of beautiful leaves that will soon fall from the trees and become the compost that feeds what will blossom next year.

September is typically marked by a return to school, learning and the opportunity to blossom in another way. The theme we have chosen is one of Deeper Learning. Deepening into the foundations you have crafted on your spiritual path. Deepening into to possibilities with a mind and heart that is open to “what if” and “what could be”. Deepening into paths not yet taken and most importantly, deepening into the wisdom you already hold within.

So, drink it all in and let’s get started with some Deeper Learning….

“It is impossible for a man to learn what
he thinks he already knows.”

Featured Writings

A Time of Balance

by P.W.

We are living in a period of constant change. Chaotic energy is surrounding us. We are expected to live at a frenetic pace, to always be doing or chasing something. How can we, as magick workers, endure this pressure endemic to our society?

We are approaching the Autumnal Equinox, a time of balance between light and dark, a time when the day and night are of equal measure. The Wheel of the Year is ever in motion, ever turning. It is soon to be Fall. This is a traditional time of harvest. We can take this time of harvest and look inwards to our core self. This is a time to look within at our efforts, actions and the work we have done during the past season, to see what we are bringing to fruition. What do we want to bring into our storehouse to nurture us during the coming dark months of winter? What tasks do we wish to plan to have to hand, when weather, dark and the cold season embraces us? Now is the time to take inventory and make these decisions. What is the best decision for this time? How can you bring yourself into balance?

Breathe…focus on your attention to your body…feel your heartbeat and the blood pulse through your veins, this is how you find your center. It is most important to begin with yourself to make a change to bring yourself back to your true center, to yourself, back to the beginning. Back to where you are your most authentic true self. Back to where you make decisions and enter into interactions with others with a focus of being the balanced and loving person we want to be.

It all begins with your breath. Wherever you are, in whatever stressful situation you find yourself, you have time to take a breath. Find a quiet spot, and take a deep breath, exhale and repeat. Allow the concerns and anxieties to drop away. You can pick them up again, if you want when you are done. Allow yourself this time of reflection, this time to breathe, assess and decide your next steps on this path. The Wheel continues to turn…Blessed be!

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought
without accepting it.”

An Honored Visit, Regalo

by M.Q.

A dazzling mysterious being, an angel.

Gliding radiance; an exotic messenger that
Graced my day, my week, my existence.

She appeared at my job, an indigenous princess of Mother Earth;
Wearing white and a long skirt adorned with ruffle and
Gold sandals and lots of dark hair, pinned to one side
By a vibrant red flower.

Am I the only one noticing this brilliant being?

She had a glowing complexion of mocha skin, kissed by Ra himself.
She was happy, joyous. majestic.
She must be aware of her secrets.

In the middle of the mundane, in witness of others; she approached.
She said she was instructed to bless me.

She went to my feet, a connection between this body and Gaia and prayed.
Her benediction cut through my ego and fear, past the litany of humanity’s running dialogue and angst. Through the veils, she was the light, the soft flame and fierce torch.

I hugged her fiercely, this stranger in a hotel lobby.
I thanked her and cried.
In the wake of my journey through darkness
This spiritual being gifted me with serenity, with love.

“A man’s mind, stretched by new ideas, 
may never return to its original dimensions.”
-Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.-

A Harvest Altar of Calendula and Patchouli

Photo: Q


God’s House
by M.M.

I feel as if
we’ve been here before.

Swept in a swirling stream
stirred round by hand of fate
in a mixing plot of déjà vu and synchronicity.

Merged worlds remain connected
for more sustained durations,
extending points of coincidence
beyond probability’s equations.

Where two or more souls
converge and remain together,
there you have God’s house.

My sister said if I closed my eyes
I could see God’s house.

Nobody told me
whether I should enter.

Tell you what:
I’ll knock,
you talk.

“It is in fact a part of the function of education to help us escape, not from our own time – for we are bound by that – but from the intellectual and
emotional limitations of our time.”
-T.S. Eliot-

The Sisters

By Celestine

Gentle waves of sound lap at me
Surrounding me with gentle vibrations.

I rise up, higher, and higher.
Below me the Earth spins slowly.

As I watch from the darkness the sisters
Appear spreading their wings wide
Black wings tip to tip with white wings.

The sisters surround the Earth and
Watch over her creatures and
I am filled with peace and joy.

(Inspired by a Full Moon Meditation with singing bowls)



Keys to Perception-A Practical Guide to Psychic Development
by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Let me begin by saying that we are in fortunate times having access to a prolific amount of information, books, media and more readily available to all level of seekers and experience.

And, just as is true with any proliferation, being able to easily understand the concepts, make practical application of material that has been proven to work, narrows that field of viability to a penultimate selection of authors who are able to weave their magick. Ivo Dominguez, Jr. is among those authors who have consistently offered quality content and practices that expand the vision of the reader.

This is Mr. Dominguez’s fifth book, and with the number five (5) there is bound to be material that will revamp what you believe you are capable of. The book jumps right into familiar practices in Chapter One and immediately puts the reader at ease and the chance for building confidence around skills already known. All of these, from Meditation, Four-fold breath and Focused Practice lay the groundwork for … “Opening the Inner Senses”.

Each chapter builds on the next, pulling into the reader’s experience concepts that span a diverse and eclectic library of integrated skills that offer opportunity for self-exploration as you are creating a fertile environment for deepening your perceptive and intuitive nature. A point of note is the inclusion of safety precautions and bolstering your spiritual immunity as you progress further into the work. The book concludes with a Ritual of the Chakras and a complete set of seven pathworkings aligned with each of the Chakras. Every chapter and exercise prior having brought you to this place of turning the key and opening to your own gifts.

Keys to Perception is a text that you will return to repeatedly, as are all of Mr. Dominguez’s books. And, as the saying goes “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Nothing can fully replace one-on-one learning, but this book comes very close.

Keys to Perception is available on Amazon , Barnes and Noble and local booksellers.

….Review by R.F.


by A.B.

This one gets placed here.
And, that one goes over there.
Let’s move these two up here.
That will give the whole picture
A strong and clear focal point.

Oh, but wait, we must add these two.
They are perfectly shaped and are contrast in color.
And, the last one goes here to balance everything.

Now, if only humans could see the patterns
The way we trees do when we shed our cones.

Excerpted from The Enchanted Gate: Musings on the Magick of the Natural World

“Have you ever been at sea in a dense fog, when it seemed as if a tangible white darkness shut you in and the great ship, tense and anxious, groped her way toward the shore with plummet and sounding-line, and you waited with beating heart for something to happen? I was like that ship before my education began, only I was without compass or sounding line, and no way of knowing how near the harbor was. “Light! Give me light!” was the wordless cry of my soul, and the light of love shone on me in that very hour.”
-Helen Keller-

Focus On…

The Autumnal Equinox
Days of Light and Darkness

By Celestine

At 6:00 am this morning I had the sudden realization that fall was rapidly approaching. No it, wasn’t the sound of children walking to the bus stop nor was it the cooler temperature that led to this insight. When I woke up this morning it was dark. And just like that I knew that fall had come to Pennsylvania.

Now I know that official first day of autumn is September 22nd and I accept that we may have very hot days well into September but the feeling of fall is already here. There is an excitement in the air, a sense of anticipation. Sure part of me may be mourning the end of lazy, sultry summer days but the promise of crisp, cool days and colorful foliage energizes me and puts a spring in my step. And my mouth starts watering at thought of apple everything – fritters, and, cider, and dumplings – oh, my! (Sorry, pumpkin spice, you need wait until next month before you become my dietary staple!)

Yes, the darkness this morning reminded me that autumn is approaching and those of us in the northern hemisphere will transition from long days of brilliant sunlight to short days and extended periods of darkness. And on September 22nd at 4:02 pm EDT we will celebrate the autumnal equinox and the length of the day and the night will be nearly equal and signal the astronomical start of Autumn. But what exactly does this mean?

From scientific perspective, this means that the sun will cross the celestial equator from north to south. The Earth circles the sun on one plane, the elliptical. The Earth also has a belt around her middle called the equitorial plane. Thanks to the tilt of Earth’s axis these two planes only cross twice a year. On these two days day and night are each approximately 12 hours in both the northern and southern hemispheres. For the rest of the year the sun resides more on one side of the equator than the other. When the sun is predominantly in the northern hemisphere we have spring and summer, when it moves to the southern hemisphere we northerners experience fall and winter. Thus the autumnal equinox signals the moment when the sun crosses into the southern hemisphere, taking it’s warmth and long days to our friends on the lower half of our planet. And in the spring we have the vernal equinox and the sun returns to its abode in the north.

From ancient times, folks in the northern hemisphere understood the significance of the equinox even if they did not yet understand the science. They noticed the shortening days and felt the chill in the air. They recognized this as a time to harvest the crops and put away stores for winter as soon food would become scarce and travel difficult. This was a time of hard work and preparation. But it was also a time of celebration. From Harvest Home to the Eleusinian Mysteries to Michaelmas to the modern pagan celebration of Mabon people gathered together for a celebration of the harvest and to give thanks for the blessings of the land that would help them survive the cold, harsh days to come. These celebrations had many names and were found in most cultures but often had many similarities: feasting, games, crafting of good luck totems like corn dollies; and decorating with gourds and sheathes of grain were common to many of these festivals and are still done today.

The autumn season is also a time for introspection. The harvest that means life for us means death and sacrifice for the plants that become our food. The shorter days and colder temperatures cause us to become cut off from the natural world and “hibernate” in our warm, safe houses. Birds fly south, other animals burrow, all preparing for the changes to come. And the shorter days often bring on a feeling of melancholy. This is a time to ponder what we have accomplished thus far this year and plan for our future. It is a time to remember our ancestors and give thanks to them for our existence. And it is a time to reflect on death and sacrifice and give thanks for our many blessings and our continued existence.

And on the day of the Autumnal Equinox, when light and dark are in near perfect balance, we may want to contemplate the balance in our lives. Are we balancing career and responsibilities with time for fun and leisure with friends and family? Are we getting enough exercise and as well as enough sleep? Are we engaging in creative activities and keeping up with intellectual pursuits? The seasons change, we experience many endings and new beginnings, life goes past at a dizzying pace and our priorities often get reshuffled. Take a moment on this Autumnal Equinox to think about your life balance and make adjustments if needed so that you may head into the dark part the year from a place of strength and stability.

The earth does its dance as it circles round the sun:
One dip there and the darkness beckons,
One twirl here and we move to the light.

But twice per year she finds perfect balance,
Standing on tiptoe, poised on the edge,
One perfect day of half dark and half light.

May this Autumnal Equinox bring you blessings, joy, and balance!


The Intersection of Moon Phase, Astrology, Elemental Energy, and Magick

by Ionlanthe

In this early Autumn month of September, we will be looking at the Intersection of Moon Phase, Astrology, Elemental Energy, and Magick enhanced with the addition of the energies of sound, music, vibrations, to our tesseract.

We are in the post-Solar eclipse phase right now. As there was much written about the eclipse, I noted articles on the sounds that the Sun makes, if we were able to hear sound in the vacuum of space. According to a scientist from NASA (Sten Odenwald, Astronomer), the sun produces sound waves. Here is what he says:

Does the Sun Make Noise As It Burns?
….”The surface of the Sun produces sound waves because the surface is convecting and this produces pressure waves that travel into the inner corona. These pressure waves steepen into shock waves and this is possibly why the corona gets so hot. But yes, the surface does produce sound waves, but they have very low wavelengths measures in hundreds of miles! Dr. Amaro Graps at Stanford University also reminded me that in ‘helioseismology’ you can ‘hear’ the Sun ring like a bell. This is coherent sound produced by the vibration of the entire surface of the Sun caused by sub-surface convection. By studying all the different tones that the Sun vibrates in, astronomers can probe the deep interior of the Sun and discover just how deep the convection layers are, and also how fast the deep interior is rotating compared to the surface.”

We are all touched everyday by the energy of the sun. Its rays reach us from unfathomable distances, it lights our world, keeps us alive. Imagine if we could understand the further reach of our Solar Guide if we add in the sound manifestation of its coronal flares? It has been said by some that the sound that Sun emits (could we but hear) is that of OM, the sacred sound of creation of all, the ALL, the Universe and everything in it, all that has been, is now, and ever will be.

Closer to home, I am reminded of how important the sacred sound of OM is. I have learned to form this sacred sound by articulating it in 3 phases: Aaa uooh mm. Here is a teaching from Deepak Chopra:

Appreciating OM: The Sound of the Universe
In one breath chant, “Aaaa—Uooo—Mmm,” followed by silence. The fullness of the “A” sound collapses into “U,” then “M,” and finally the silence of all three together once they have ended.

As we move into the cooler times of our year together, let us remember the sounds that surround us. The birds, the crickets, the breeze moving the leaves, raindrops, the eternal OM within us and without us. That which permeates us, and that which we emit that energetically impacts all around us.

The new Moon phase occurs on Wednesday September 20 at 1:30 am. This is a time of introspection, a review of where we have come from, what we are holding deep and secret within ourselves. The Moon will be in Virgo, a mutable earth sign. Look for areas that need healing, analysis of goals and desires and hoped-for outcomes. How can you ground your hopes in the manifest reality? Go deep, examine, and emerge with plans and structures. Virgo is good with planning and details and how to get stuff accomplished.

While we will be moving away from the dark time of the new Moon, we will be moving toward the equilibrium of light and dark just two days later. The Autumn Equinox will be on Friday September 22 at 4:02 pm. The Moon will be moving from Libra to Scorpio at 1:40 pm, so when we reach the moment of equinox, the Moon will have entered Scorpio. Libra is the epitome of balance, so we can expect the beginning of our Equinox to be relatively serene. However, as we move toward Scorpio, we will start to feel a pull toward deeper passions, strong feelings, less balanced nuance in your approach to others. Libra is the cardinal air sign with traits such as harmony, open-mindedness, moving ideas forward; Scorpio is the fixed water sign displaying energies of deep seated emotions, focused will, passion.

In the space of just three days, we will be moving from introspection and Virgo’s attention to detail and analysis, to Libra’s equilibrium and balance, to Scorpio’s roiling emotions; from dark Moon, to balance between light and dark, and to the first sliver of the waxing crescent Moon: the first illumination of our new path gained from insight.

According to music theory, a major chord comprised of a triad: a root note, a note that is 3 steps above the root, and a note that is 5 steps above the root note. This chord is the basic building block of most common music we hear today. For example, the major C chord comprises the notes of C-E-G. We could apply this chord to the influences abounding at the end of September. The C is Virgo: root of what is being composed. The E is for Libra: the balancing point in the middle holding C and G together. The G is Scorpio: the outcome, the culmination of all that has come before.

As an exercise, seek out the sounds that surround you. Notice the bass sounds, the middle sounds, the high treble sounds. If you have access to a musical instrument, sound out the C major chord. Listen. Play again. Listen again. Try to sound out the 3 notes that combine to make the chord. Where do you fit in the chord of the Universe? Close your exercise with 3 OMs.

First Steps on the Seeker’s Path

Numerology:The Art and Science of Numbers – Part Five

The next few months of focus for First Steps will be the study of Numerology. This is a #10 year.. 2+1+7=10. Numerologically, this adds up to a year where the singular “1” can unite and work side by side with the Limitless all of “0”, timelessness and eternal. Enjoy…

A note about the planetary correspondences: Although you may find different attributions, those used here are those most commonly used in Numerology.

A Little Review…

The Continuum

As Six expands to become Seven
The meandering web that
Connects becomes entwined.

A continuum of dual
Portal opening and
Eight the final climax
Of force contained.

Like amoebas they move and
Wiggle and stretch and pull
And strain until….

Seven – 7…represents:

I have gained experience from the lessons I have sought and now the paths are many upon which I may seek higher knowledge

Within the energy of the number Seven (7) lay the many paths of higher expression and development. Seven is the number of the Pleiades, the number of the Elder Planets of Astrology, the Seven Sacred Vowels and the Seven Major Chakras within the subtle bodies. This is also the number of synthesis, having moved from the harmonious balance of the number six to a point of gathering all of those experiences into a place of multiple options and outcomes for further expression and exploration.

The planetary energy of the number seven is Neptune. Neptune brings with its energy the mystical and dreamy quality that serves as the deep wells that hold dreams of aspiration that prod us forward towards seeking answers. Neptune is considered the Higher amplification of Venus. If we consider this thought, Neptune then moves to a place of talking what we love and turning it into a true passion. Passion makes us eager to try new things and explore new roads. Passion allows us to rewrite the journey we are not aligned with. Passion helps us reach deeply and find what truly motivates us.

Read more about Neptune:
Lifting the Veil- Neptune Retrograde

Astrology: The House of Higher Learning – Teaching and Seeking the Teacher

The Seventh House is concerned with providing opportunity. If we have learned from our lessons we are able to recognize even the smallest of opportunities and take the first steps down a new road of exploration. Remember, nothing in the forest is as it seems. We often find the greatest treasures by going off the beaten path and making our own trails that others will use as their point of first experience. When we reach beyond what we think we know we become the teachers of those that come behind. When we have the courage of admitting what we don’t know, this is when the Teacher is revealed.

Tarot: The Chariot

Tarot Key VII – The Chariot represents the duality of constraint and the control of restraint. This image offers much information about the tug and pull that is required to come to a point of control when two very dynamic principles are at work. The charioteer must establish and then subsequently claim his dominion over what would pull him in direction of its own accord. The two sphinxes expressing the balance of man and beast, light and dark, male and female stand as pillars awaiting the direction of what oversees their actions.

Qabalah: Netzach – Victory

The sphere of Netzach is the place of establishing the balance of hedonistic and aesthetic ideals. Love is the primary focus, but not at the expense of over indulgence in physical pleasure. This is also the place of expression of Love of Nature in all of her forms. The connection between beauty and the energies that are contained within the force of Nature is a strong one. Even in the Natural world’s more disruptive expression, the order and intelligence in design applied in her shaking free from her mantle those disruptions of energy is done with a sense of order, intent and aestheticism.

There were seven paths that intersected a single point of gnoetic heart.

Eight – 8… represents:

I came upon a Path of choosing and although the promise was great for learning my own nature I must first go back to the beginning and build the foundations anew.

The number Eight (8) represents the mastery over one’s self through the sacrifice of contraction and expansion. This is the journey of holding and funneling what has desire to reach beyond itself and the ultimate need for release into a state of expansive formlessness. This is the point of sacrifice of what one has gathered to oneself through experience and seeking and trusting that it will become the container that provides structure for further expansion. This is the number that is the doubling of the stability and foundation expressed by the number four. It is the mirroring of two bases of four sides that reflect back to one another in perfect symmetry. And, when these two platforms of stability reflected as above, so below, unite the cube of creation is enabled.

The planetary energy of the number eight is Saturn. Saturn is the Lord of Time and the energy of structure as held by the Gates of Time. Another of Saturn’s function is that of contraction, and linear time is one of the greatest restrictors of natural flow. The Roman god Saturn is strongly influenced by the Greek God, Cronus. The word Cronus is related to “chronos” which means time. Saturn, astrologically, is the “Keeper of Time”, and brings maturity, wisdom, and simplicity to people over time. It is human nature to be impatient and aware of time in a way that is not always productive. Developing “patience” in these matters opens an awareness of the infinite nature of things. It is with great patience and care that a mother nurtures and teaches her young, with the hopes that as time passes they will heed the lessons well and move forward through time in health, joy and growth.

Read More about Saturn:
Saturn and a Return to Grace

Astrology: The House of Transformation and Endings – Death and Rebirth

The Eighth House is concerned with what lay hidden in the shadows of the subconscious that we are fearful to bring into the Light. This is also the space where the greatest transformation takes place once we allow the process of death to allow the necessary release of what we hold on to that keeps us from growth. The ruling astrological sign is that of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of extremes and if we consider the cyclical nature of the number eight, the dynamics of Scorpio’s intensity runs the gamut from the deep subconscious of the Scorpion to the lofty heights of the renewed and reborn Phoenix.

Tarot: Strength

Tarot Key VIII – Strength represents the eternal nature of conquering what could otherwise overpower our more civilized nature. The number eight and the image of the lemniscate over the head of the feminine principle gives indication of the timelessness of this pursuit. Most spiritual practices work to develop the refined nature of humanity and often this work includes facing those aspects of ourselves which would be considered more primal, fierce and baser in nature. The energy of this key lies in the ability to tame through gentle action what remains part of our baser nature. There is great strength in knowing when the fiercer aspects of ourselves justifiably will serve a better purpose, but we cannot effectively control those appetites if we have not first acknowledged and embraced them.

Qabalah: Hod – Glory

The sphere of Hod is one of Pure Reason and Logic that has not yet been refined and balanced by heart and emotion. Its function is to make Order of the Universe through objective reasoning and higher thought. Within its rationale and reasoning are the tools that may be used in discovering the deeper mystery contained within information. It is through the crystal clarity of pristine thinking that enables a better and more efficient means of communicating what knowledge has been extracted.

Past, present and future-all companions of a woven road travelled by all.

Next Month:Numbers 9 and 10

In Conclusion…..

Close your eyes
And let your
Imaginings flow.

Where will you be
Who are you now
What are your dreams?

Just breathe and
Deepen in to wisdom’s
Gnoetic embrace.

Steady now
Take one step!

You have chosen your path
Your course is set
And the Teachings
Are just ahead.

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