November 2016: The Space of Gratitude

Vol. 1 – Issue 7

Musings From the Mystic Path
The Month of November
The Space of Gratitude

10616747_883999054952502_853345202_nThis month we are launching a new monthly column entitled “Tesseract”. Tesseract, written by Iolanthe, will focus on the intersection between a selected Moon phase for the month and the Astrological, Elemental Energetics, and Magickal workings that are enhanced by these commingling of influences.

As always, we have some beautiful poetry to inspire and the quotes this month are from the writings of Meister Eckhart, German theologian, philosopher and mystic (1260-1328). Seekers on the Path continues its exploration of shadow work with Part Two of “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

November is a month for reflection on what has been accomplished throughout the year, time to be set aside for friends and family and offering up gratitude for all that is abundant in your life. We extend our gratitude to you, our readers, and hope you will take from our newsletter useful information and new perspectives that will serve you on your journey.

Featured Writings

Blood Calls
By Celestine

My blood calls out to you, seeking answers from the past. You answer with whispers from my kin, sharing stories of my people, shedding light on my history.

My heart beats and your heart replies in rhythm, each thump reminding me to be strong and courageous; kind and compassionate.

You fan the smoldering embers of my passion, flames now leaping and burning through my lethargy sending waves of energy to transform my thoughts into actions.

I am a unique individual yet you remind me that I am also a summation of all of those that have gone before me. I am me because they were here first.

My blood calls out to you, though I know not who you are. You respond and my cells recognize your voice. You are my past and my future, my birth and my death.

Your blood calls to mine and welcomes me home.


The most important hour is always the present.
The most significant person is precisely the one sitting across from you right now.
The most necessary work is always love.

…by Meister Eckhart


Thin Veils
by M.H.

Walking alone my thoughts drift to the love ones,
As a cold November wind tugs at my coat
I arrive at the entrance of the cemetery gate.

The Goddess’s voice softly speaks..

The veils are thin now, at Samhain, my dear
Speak to those you loved and they will hear.

Hold their memories close in your heart,
For They will be with you always, never to part.

I paused thinking, remembering all the ancestors from the past,
Then pulled my coat tightly and continue my journey on the path.

The soul does not grow by addition but by subtraction.

…by Meister Eckhart

Gratitude: A River of Deep Yearning
by Robin

Let us drink from the waters of gratitude and
Be fully present in the space of appreciation
for what surrounds us.

Open your eyes and take in all the lessons of
Both sorrow and joy and from a place of gratitude
Find the grace of mercy that flows
Eternal within your own being.

If you were raised as I was, you were taught to say “thank you’ when receiving something, to be grateful when someone does you a favor and especially at Thanksgiving to offer up with great verbosity the laundry list of gratitude to family and friends.

Now, I am not saying that these things are not good models of polite behavior, but as with many things we have been conditioned to do we act and react on auto-pilot without giving much thought to what the words really mean. With that being said, the challenge then becomes to bolster each word, action and offering of gratitude with the full understanding and intent that it rightfully deserves.

Now, you would think that holding those standards would lessen those grateful moments, but the surprising thing is that when we truly are grateful for what has been given us, we see more clearly the abundance of things we can offer up gratitude to. I envision the space of gratitude to be very much like flowing waters. Some are shallow and you can clearly see all that rests on the bottom. Others are vast and deep like the very oceans themselves, and we wait with bated breath to catch a glimpse of dolphin or whale, affirming that life teams below the surface.

The waters of the earth meander here and there and from the right altitude, etch a veiny trail on the surface, leaving an indelible mark of their course. These waters respond to the magnetic pull of Luna’s magick just as our perception and awareness of those things deserving of our gratitude are pushed and pulled to the surface by emotional connection. The waters of life are a necessity for our survival and our bodies move with fluid like grace in acceptance of the gifts for which we should be grateful.

We yearn to know more of these deep waters and in that knowing we seek those gifts that catalyze us as grateful beings. Mind and heart are synthesized and become as one in the space of gratitude and in those moments of acknowledgment of what has caused us to be grateful. Gratitude feeds the feelings of appreciation that we seek for ourselves and once found, we may then selflessly share with others.

It is in gratitude and appreciation that we are transformed as we offer up these gifts in recognition of our Higher Self and the Divine Flame that flows within. It is in gratitude that we cease to be, for this is the gift of culmination of the lessons of this lifetime and the power to shed these forms of matter as we reunite with our own Spirit Divine. These are the loftier aspirations of gratitude that are only realized through the building of being able to see with clarity all the moments of gratitude that present themselves daily.

A good beginning to laying these foundations is to begin a gratitude journal. Each night before going to bed, list the things for which you have given thought to and are truly grateful for their presence. It does not matter how small or short-lived that thing was, just write it down. As you continue this process, you will become more selective in what is deserving of thanks and also see areas of your life that would have gone unnoticed and un-thanked. As you open to a deeper awareness of how much you have to be grateful for the waters of that gratitude will flow strong and freely and in their clarity you may drink from them quenching the thirst of a soul that seeks its own flow of appreciation.

IF the only prayer you ever say in your entire life
is THANK YOU, it will be enough.

…by Meister Eckhart


Step Into the Peace
by S.S.E.

Sometimes it seems the world has gone mad with hatred, chaos, and violence, in an endless loop of negativity that spiritually repels and exhausts.

Truth and justice seem nowhere to be found.

Inner stress levels cascade higher and higher as each day passes until I am no longer sure if I am screaming “Stop, stop it now” in my head or out loud.

That is when I find myself outside, buffeted by the cold wind which races through the garden, swirling leaves from the trees standing strong, naked branches reaching up to the darkness of the night. There are no stars. The moon is dark. Are my eyes open or closed? I cannot tell.

I breathe deep, feeling the coldness begin to penetrate me from the inside out, bringing clarity and calmness into the roiling mass of thoughts and emotions pummeling my brain.

The tree trunk is rough and chill beneath my fingers; dead leaves are tangled in my hair. I exhale a fine mist into the rushing air surrounding me.

The grass under my feet is brown and standing on it makes my bare feet ache.
I feel the heat inside me dampen and subside as I breathe deep again and again, taking in the night’s earth energy with each inhalation.

I am peaceful. I am grateful. I am ready to rejoin the mundane world again, stronger now for the knowing that I have the power to choose to step outside of it and find myself again.


Focus On…

Our new monthly column…

The Intersection of Moon Phase, Astrology, Elemental Energy, and Magick
by Iolanthe

Welcome to Tesseract, a monthly column on the intersection between each month’s Moon phase, astrological sign, and Magickal workings. Tesseract is defined as a cube of a cube, or a 4-dimensional cube, just as a cube is 3-dimensional square. The four dimensions I will be writing about are the Moon phases, the zodiac sign that arises during that phase, the elemental energy and quality associated with that sign, and some ideas for magickal practices that are enhanced by the commingling of these influences.

The phases of the Moon illuminate burgeoning and retreat in one’s own personal phases. In general, the new Moon is a time for letting go, releasing what no longer serves you, letting go of that you want less of in your life, including habits, thoughts, and feelings. This is a time of germination, planting seeds for the hoped-for future. As the Moon moves between appearing dark in the sky and towards its full brilliance, it is in the waxing crescent phase, as the first quarter Moon. This is a time to set intentions, visualize what you want to manifest in your life, a time of regeneration and building up. Now the seeds planted at the new Moon are starting to sprout. The full Moon is a time to work on increasing abundance, bringing more of what you want. Now you will be harvesting the seeds that have grown and blossomed during the earlier phases. As the Moon moves away from brilliant fullness and back into dark newness, it is in the waning crescent phase, as the last quarter Moon. This is a time for reflection, introspection, reviewing the result of the intentions and actions started, grown and harvested during the previous phases. And we return to the time of planning for the next cycle.

As the Moon moves between its phases, it also moves between the twelve Zodiac signs. Each sign is associated with an elemental energy, which are air (thoughts and ideas), fire (intent and will), water (emotions and intuition), and earth (manifestation, the material plane). Each sign is also designated with a quality, which is either cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Cardinal energy has initiative and enthusiasm, and is active, ambitious, and loves starting many projects rather than finishing them. Fixed energy is steadfast, stable, determined, persistent, is able to concentrate, and is self-reliant and stubborn. Mutable energy goes with the flow, and is adaptable, resourceful, diplomatic, and has a desire to please everyone.

There are three signs associated with each element; these three signs represent the cardinal, fixed, and mutable qualities. The air signs are Gemini (mutable), Libra (cardinal), Aquarius (fixed). The fire signs are Aries (cardinal), Leo (fixed), Sagittarius (mutable). The water signs are Cancer (cardinal), Scorpio (fixed), Pisces (mutable). The earth signs are Taurus (fixed), Virgo (mutable), Capricorn (cardinal).

November opens with the Moon moving into Sagittarius, two days into its new Moon phase. The Moon moves back into its new phase and into Sagittarius on Nov. 29, thus bookending November with Sagittarian mutable fire energies during times of introspection and planning new ideas and hoped-for outcomes. The Sagittarian fires are banked at the new Moon phase, the embers glowing. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, adaptable and easy going, and it represents the enthusiastic willingness to try anything new, open to adventure, and a love to spark new ideas with its flaming arrow. It is not an easy fit to place Sagittarian fire and outgoing nature into the dark times of the Moon.

Use this unease to find out what does not feed your flames, which does not fan the fires of your passion, what is holding you back. Go within: is it something within yourself that is hiding your fire? Or is it some outside influence? The new phase is the perfect time for this self-reflection. Unbank the fires of the Sagittarian energy!

Here is one magickal way to help with the planning on how you want to release Sagittarian mutable fire energy.

First, gather your materials:
• Two pine cones. They are plentiful this time of year. If you can, find ones that are still closed, that have not yet released their seeds. These will represent the potential, the possible, that which is not yet manifest, the new Moon phase.
• A twig that has fallen from a tree. This will represent Sagittarian fiery arrow of intention.
• Dirt from the ground to represent the darkness, the internal, the deepness of unknowingness.
• A blank piece of paper.

Next, do your ritual:
• Ground and center.
• Write on the piece of paper what you want to release, what is holding you down, what is keeping you from shining. Turn the paper over and write what passion you want to develop, what flames you want to fan, what seeds you want to plant now and develop over the coming months.
• Place the paper on the ground with the side you wrote what you want to release touching the earth. Sprinkle the dirt you collected on it. Place the pinecones on the paper at north (earth) and south (fire) points of the paper.
• Scribe an invoking Fire Pentacle over the paper, dirt, and pinecones. Use the twig you found. Start with Spirit at the top, draw down to the right toward fire, up to the left to air, across to the right to water, down to the left to earth, then back up top to Spirit.
• Take a moment to meditate on the twin pillars of fire within the darkness that we are given with the Moon phases this month.
• When you feel complete, take up the paper and burn it in a safe way in your fireplace, in a cauldron, with a match, or with a candle.
• Leave the pinecones on the ground to release their seeds when they are ready to do so.

It is done. Watch the Moon as it moves from dark newness to full, then from full back to dark again. Did you feel a change in your energies? Did you feel the warmth of your own passion awakening?

What we plant in the soil of contemplation,
we shall reap in the harvest of action.

…by Meister Eckhart

Astrological Samhain
by A. B.

Last month we posted an article about the celebration of Samhain and the traditional date of celebration being October 31st. However, the astrological date of Samhain occurs approx. 5-6 days later. The most prevalent of workings are those that focus on honoring the beloved departed and seeking wisdom and messages from those chosen ancestors. With this in mind, I began a series of posts last month that included information, pathworkings and ritual suggestions using the energy from the date of the Full Moon on October 16th through Samhain’s astrological date of November 7th. All held the intention of building the foundations for deepening our connections with the Ancestors. An excerpt from the second of these writings is below..

“If you celebrate Samhain during the Traditional time of the year, today we are mid-point between a 3-day aura of Samhain’s energies. The 29th heralded the transition into the Scorpio Moon at 10:01p.m. and today’s New Moon shifts the gears from waning towards waxing at 1:38 p.m. All this carried forward into tomorrow, October 31st traditional Samhain. You could stop the Samhain revels there , if you like, but consider this. The 31st is the appetizer served to whet the appetite for the most potent and nourishing of energies that occur on the date of Astrological Samhain (Sun in Scorpio); usually somewhere around Nov. 6-7 or 8th.

Why, this second date? Technically these celebrations were calculated in accord with the mid-point (of days) between the Equinoxes and Solstices. The same holds true for Imbolc (Feb. 4/5-Aquarius); Beltane (May 5/6-Taurus) and Lughnasadh (Aug. 5/6-Leo). Additionally, each of these Sabbats fall within the Solar month of one of the four Fixed astrological signs during the Solar year. The Sabbat, or Solar/Fire Holi-day occurs when the Sun is 15-degrees in the fixed sign; that being the mid-point or height of potency for that sign’s energy.”

If you would like to read more and make use of the pathworking of Ancestral Meeting, please visit Temple of the Cosmic Spheres and the introductory post to this working..

Full Light Into the Dark
Deepening Your Connections to the Ancestors


First Steps on the Seeker’s Path


Down the Rabbit Hole – Part Two
by Robin

In the Beginning…

Beginning shadow work can be a bit like going down the rabbit hole. It is challenging at best and an unbearable task shrouded in the fear of what may be lurking at the base of that long fall into the inner well of darkness. Ultimately, it can be one of the most rewarding types of work that forces you to stretch and grow in areas you would have otherwise left to wither and die. The key is in the selection of just the right amount of each aspect that will allow you to move into the next phase of your journey.

Many times what you thought to be true for yourself will be challenged and tested as you reveal some of the underlying reasons for the way in which you move through life. The fear is of the death of what is good and pure within yourself. We all wish to be seen in a positive light and the work of exploring our shadow self can provide clues and greater understanding of those qualities we wish to enhance and accentuate, those that we hold in reserve for the appropriate times and those that serve no useful purpose in this lifetime other than the fact that we are now more aware of those characteristics in a way that is informed. This is a journey that only you can make with only your own resources, experiences and inner knowing as guides to light the way.

The Mirror of SELF

To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light… Carl G. Jung.

As the quote above beautifully states, embracing those parts of yourself that are not usually brought into the light of day can, nonetheless, open the doorway to the greater light that ever burns within our being. If we think in terms of polarity and the work of synthesis than we must acknowledge that the darkness only appears dark because we know of the polarity of light. Each gives validation, support and energy to the other in an, albeit transparent, way with each, relying on the other’s existence to support and enhance the expression and work of its own existence. This becomes the point of synthesis and the understanding that within this process of give and take, each must contain a portion of the other within itself as they move through their dance of cohesion and balance.

The Midnight Sun

If we hold these principles as viable occurrences within a natural order of being, then we could also say that in the darkest night the sun is still brilliantly shining whether we can see it from the geographical perspective we are aligned with. With a simple shift of coordinates, we move once again into its light and what was night becomes day.

This concept is useful when approaching our darker nature. Despite what we may find lurking in the darkened corners of our personality, there is still shining that inner light that connects us with our higher state of being. When we learn to accept, acknowledge and embrace those parts of ourselves that we consider unlovable or undesirable we open to having conversation with those aspects and strengthen the potential to modify, change, assimilate or completely transform that energy.

The nature of the work and the feelings and sensations that are often brought to the surface are not easily dealt with on your own; regardless of your own personal level of experience. To set foot within the scope of these energies is arduous and often painful. This is work that must be approached slowly, carefully and with the utmost of respect. It is best to do a little research first rather than diving right into this type of work as it can dredge up past memories and experiences that may cause unproductive discomfort. Be gentle with yourself and approach this work with reverence, affirming the best results for your highest good. The work done in preparation will also bolster you for the eventual Dark Night of the Soul that results when the deeper excavation of the self begins.

The Dark Night of The Soul

The concept of the Dark Night of the Soul is one that is experienced in conjunction with specific shifts in consciousness made during the progress of those on a spiritual Path. It is described as a state of utter loneliness, despair and the sense that the Divine has forsaken you. It is a moment that stands the test of true “faith” for in those hours of disconnect the realization of separateness and the intense yearning for union with the Divine are brought to the forefront of the experience. This descent into a type of abyss is what serves to strengthen your resolve and conviction as it releases the vestiges of ego and personality that do not serve well the spiritual nature. Part and parcel with this descent is the meeting and hopes for integration with the shadow self. What persona that self takes on and how large or small an impact it may have is dependent on what work has been accomplished in acceptance of this aspect of this part of self by the individual’s free will before choice was inevitable.

Next Month: Down the Rabbit Hole-Part Three
A pathworking and “how to” embrace the Shadow.

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