October 2016: The Harvest is Upon Us!

Vol. 1 – Issue 6

Musings From the Mystic Path
The Month of October
Harvest is Upon Us


This month is packed with the abundance of creativity! We continue the Lunar series with Part 3, a wonderful article on Samhain and celebrations, and First Steps begins a series about Shadow Work.

We have some beautifully written poetry and quotes from the writings of Edgar Allen Poe are woven between offerings reminding us of the ancestors and our otherworldly links.

October heralds a season of balance through change as we begin the journey of cooler weather, moving inward and settling into what feeds our soul. Special thanks to LDMB for proofing our issue this month. 

Featured Writings

Am I Worthy?
By Celestine

Am I worthy?

Do I deserve the attention of my beloved goddess of the night?
My soul reaches for the stars, seeking the outer reaches, the dark edges where she rules.

Am I worthy?

Will I recognize her if she speaks to me?
Will I understand her lesson?
I still my mind and stretch my senses as I search for her in the shadows.

But am I worthy?

Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development,
invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.

…by Edgar Allen Poe


Summer Slipped Away
By M.H.

Summer slipped away,
Golden leaves swirl in a crisp, autumn breeze
Painted pumpkins on the porch
Sweet hot cider with cinnamon warms the palate
Winter winds arrive, skies turn grey, darkness comes earlier
Hearth fires burn brightly,
Majestic evergreens are quietly blanketed with heavy snow
Icicles hanging, sparkling frost patterns on the window pane,
Spring rains, melting snow, crocuses peek through the soil
Fragrant flowers bloom, robins nesting in the trees,
Fresh mint ice tea with a twist of lemon cools the palate
Summer meadows filled with butterflies, darkness comes later
Fireflies twinkling nightly,
Fields of golden wheat, and grain bring bountiful harvests
Fall foliage displays a dazzling array of colors to catch the eye
Summer slipped away.

The boundaries which divide Life from Death
are at best shadowy and vague.

Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

…by Edgar Allen Poe


Spiritual Spiral
by LDB

Spiral: A curve that is the locus of a point that rotates about a fixed point while continuously increasing its distance from that point

Itu: that which is broken or torn apart

Center: Spiral of origin begins

An egg was burst at conception
At birth, I burst into a fragmented family
The spiral of my life rotates around a center
Which is broken or torn apart
With perspective the orbit grows smaller
As I age, I spiral out
Continuously increasing distance from that broken center
There is movement within a spiral
To my life spiral, I add perspective of ITU
Bringing parts of myself into alignment
Knowing that a broken center cannot hold
I span the hole with Spirit
I am whole. I am healed
Spiral becomes Spiritual


Having a Bad Hair Day
by Amethyst Brighid

Bad Hair Day pic copy

Tendrils are flying everywhere
And not a breeze in sight
I’m just a mass of tangled wisps.

I tried to keep it all contained and finely coiffed
But I kept growing and so did my mane of branches.

Soon you’ll see me in all my glory
Green leaves full and swaying in the breeze.

I guess it’s not a bad hair day after all
Just my wild and natural side coming through.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

…by Edgar Allen Poe


Are You Listening?
By Celestine


Are you listening?
Can you hear the voices?

The land spirits seek your attention, they need your help to keep Gaia healthy and in turn will share her secrets with you.
Our ancestors long to share with us their memories and stories. They give us sage advice and encourage us to reach for our dreams.
The Creatrix calls to us as well, admonishing us to care for each other and living things. She sends us guidance and lights our path so we can find our way.

Are you listening?

Listen in the spring when the creatures start to stir. Hear the flowers sigh in joy as they reach towards the brilliant sun.
Listen in the summer as the drone of the bees reminds us of Mother Earth’s generosity, as the birds sing of happiness, and the crickets tell us bedtime stories.
Listen in the fall as the crisp breeze fills us with excitement and inspiration, as the falling autumn leaves remind us that change is inevitable.
Listen in the winter when the frozen white world seems silent. It is then that the Mother whispers to us from the dark, quiet reaches, telling us to rest.

They are speaking, are you listening?

Focus On…



by L.B.

Samhain is an Irish Gaelic word pronounced as SAH-win or SOW-in. It means “End of Summer.” It is a celebration of the third and final Harvest in the Pagan Wheel of the Year. It signifies the threshold between Summer and Winter, a time of moving between the bountiful harvest time and the contracted, drawing inward time of the coming cold and dark.

Samhain lies between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice. This year, Samhain arrives on the night of November 7. On this night, the moon will be in its first quarter phase, and will be in the sign of Aquarius. The waxing moon is a time for taking action and moving forward. The fixed air sign of Aquarius encourages fighting for your cause, wherever your passion takes you.

Since Samhain occurs when length of day light is shortening every day, it has long been a tradition to light a bonfire on Samhain night. In ancient times, this helped extend light into the night, gave people warmth, and was a place for villagers to gather together and to burn offerings to their gods and to appease spirits who roamed the earth.

It is a traditional belief that the veils between this world and the afterlife are thin at Samhain and can be easily drawn aside. It is a time when Spirits may roam freely between their world and ours. This would be a good time to make contact with ancestors or spirit guides who will attempt to communicate with the living. Put out a departed loved one’s favorite food or drink, or gaze at photos or mementos, to remind you of who you are connected to in the afterlife. Be aware of signs or omens or unusual synchronicities. These could all be ways your loved one is trying to keep in touch with you.

Samhain is a liminal time, a time to commune with ancestors, reaping what you have sown all spring and summer, a time when the usual rules and boundaries are less distinct. Think twilight and dawn, or the moment between when a tide rolls in and just before it rolls back to the ocean. This liminal time is an excellent time to do magick.

Enjoy Samhain, however you choose to celebrate it. Reach out to the other side and communicate with your departed loved ones, or go within and examine what you have gained over the previous harvests. Perhaps you could light a bonfire, or a candle, and remember the light of the Sun and Summer that can be carried within you through the dark months. Use your courage to fight for what you believe in; the moon and Aquarius will aid you in your quest. Or, give out candy to trick or treaters – they are carrying on the ancient tradition of villagers appeasing the ghosts (or hobgoblins or vampires or Superman or robots or scarecrows or fairy princesses) roaming in the night!

A Three Part Lunar Series..

Full Moon Phase
by Iolanthe


Orbiting the earth as a satellite, almost from the time the Earth came to exist, the Moon reflects the sun’s illumination in differing phases: new, waxing, full, waning, back to new moon, in an endless cycle. As we stand on earth looking up to the night sky to gaze upon the Moon, we are always looking at the same face of the Moon. Crescent, waxing, full, or waning: all are differing degrees of the sun illuminating the same face of the Moon. There is always a dark side of the Moon. The first time that earthlings saw the dark side was in 1959 when an unmanned Soviet spacecraft orbited the Moon and took photographs.

A full Moon occurs when the Moon is completely illuminated by the Sun as seen from the Earth. October’s full Moon will appear between Saturday night and Sunday morning on October 16, 2016 at 12:23 am. It is commonly called the Full Hunter’s Moon. According to the Farmers’ Almanac http://farmersalmanac.com/full-moon-names/: This full Moon is often referred to as the Full Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon, or Sanguine Moon. Many moons ago, Native Americans named this bright moon for obvious reasons. The leaves are falling from trees, the deer are fattened, and it is time to begin storing up meat for the long winter ahead.

The October full Moon will be at 23 degrees Aries, indicating changes, passion, a feeling of going for adventure, trying something new, being on the threshold. This time is good for increasing abundance, manifesting bounty and wealth, harvesting what you want more of in your life, developing personal and spiritual growth, and increasing intuitive and divination abilities. This also a good time for finding a new love or bringing a current relationship into a fuller and deeper connection.

As October’s full Moon will be a supermoon, it will appear quite large. On the night of a supermoon, all magick you do will be more strongly influenced than usual by the Moon’s energy. Your workings will be more potent. A supermoon appears when the moon, based on its elliptical orbit, has its closest approach to the earth. The next supermoon will occur with the full Moon on Monday, November 14, 2016.

A useful full Moon habit to develop is to cleanse your crystals in the light of the full Moon. It is simple to do: if they can take water, rinse your crystals in running water, dry them, and set them out where they will be bathed in the full moon light all night long. If you use crystals that should not get wet, such as malachite or selenite, just skipped the running water step. The water is to remove dust or incense or other dirt, so you can simply use a dust cloth to clean the crystals before their moon light bath. The full Moon illumination helps rinse off residual energies left over from working magick. Or, in other words, moonlight works to re-tune the crystals to their normal frequencies.

During October, many spiritually-inclined people can feel a thinning of the veil between us the living and the realm of our ancestors. The time of October’s Blood Moon might be a good time for you to connect with your ancestors by honoring them by setting up an ancestors’ altar or by trying to contact them through divination or ritual. Be aware of omens, signs, recurring themes, smells, memories, dreams. Play music that reminds you of someone who has passed on, or bring out old photo albums. Ask an elder relative for memories of their grandparents. Try to find out more about your family tree and heritage, about the river of blood that connects you with all who have gone before you.

A ritual that I have participated in one called the Dumb Supper, in which the dead are honored with a dinner observed in utter silence. The High Priestess or High Priest leading the ritual guides participants through the veil to the realms of the dead who are invited to dine with those remembering them. At each place setting, there are photos or mementoes of the ones being remembered. The meal is eaten in total silence so as to be open to whatever messages that the dead would like to pass on to the living. After the meal is completed, the participants thank those who visited, bid them hale and farewell, and the veil is drawn closed again. This is a powerful ritual for connecting with someone who has departed but has not been forgotten.

Each and every month will have at least one full Moon (if there are two full Moons in a month, then we have the Blue Moon!). Enjoy the spectacle and the glorious wonder of light at midnight. Take note of how you feel when you see the full Moon. Embrace the image of the Goddess Selene driving her chariot across the sky as the Moon incarnate and know that you can embrace the Divine by celebrating the Moon in all her phases.


First Steps on the Seeker’s Path


Down the Rabbit Hole – Part One
by Robin

The Dark Side of the Light

At some point in the journey on our spiritual path we must encounter another aspect of our nature that is often called the “shadow self”.  This encounter is an important milestone in keeping us moving forward along our chosen path, and it is at that juncture that we come upon the divergent crossroads that offer choice of either embrace or retreat in this lifetime. Stepping into the center of this space of opening can very much be the type of experience Alice (of “Alice in Wonderland”) had in falling down the rabbit hole. Cramped in some spaces, too large in others and completely disorienting and unplanned for in process. In fact, if we look more deeply at the metaphorical implications of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we could conclude that all of the characters were aspects of Alice in their varying levels of evolved or devolved state. These permutations and subtleties are similar to the varying shades of light and dark experienced when we speak of our light body and our shadow or dark other. On either end of the spectrum we have the most pure essence of what that aspect of our being comprises. However, it is necessary to form alliance with all of the variances and characters of archetype that present in between to act as guides and guardians in order to reach these pure forms.

We all have aspirations of moving into a state of communion with our Higher or Light-filled Self but most do not fully commit to the work that is necessary in engaging with and truly coming to know the necessary polarity of our shadow self. We chase the white rabbit out of curiosity and hopes of finding another truth, and its slips easily from our grasp leading us to a completely different inner landscape full of shadows and illusions. So, how do we purposefully seek out this shadow self? We can begin the process by looking at the psychological components that help to form our expression of self, ego, will and the eventual goal of individualization.

My Shadow-The Other

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” (Carl Jung)

According to Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, there are within the human experience and consciousness several highly specialized archetypes that define the human psychological experience. These archetypes are closely linked to our physical nature and are often brought to the surface through the varied preconditioned responses that we have gathered from our environment of both instinctual and mental learning. These become the patterns that play out in our lives in a continuous thread until some upheaval at either a conscious or sub-conscious level brings out what has lain hidden within our unconscious psyche.

volume_light_shadowsThis often plays out in the form of projection; or seeing the negative traits in others we encounter that are actually in resonance to those same qualities within ourselves, albeit latent and for the most part unacknowledged at a conscious level. Within our spiritual landscape this “other” takes the form of our shadow self. We see and respond to this part of our being as being neither of our self nor something we can control. Whether we choose to acknowledge and confront this aspect of ourselves or retreat in fear at the prospect we cannot move beyond what momentum of growth we have established up to that point until we face what is hidden in the recesses of this uncomfortable territory through shadow work.


Next Month… Down the Rabbit Hole-Part Two

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