July 2016-A Space of Serenity

Vol. 1 – Issue 3

Musings From the Mystic Path
The Month of July
A Space of Serenity


This month is bursting with the energy of experiences, connection and paths of inner seeking. This is the time to enjoy friends and family, rest and relax at bit before the pace quickens in Fall’s harvest. 

Featured Writings


Flying above the clouds.

A picture of scattered feathery
White paw prints across the sky.

We descend and they morph.

Becoming more clustered,fuller
Now hovering just below us.

And the full horizon resembles
A white frozen tundra
With mountainous peaks.

Summer Day
by MH


Walking at the water’s edge, the Goddess’s presence is all around me.
Time for quiet contemplation by the sea.
Ocean’s energies ebb and flow,
Release the negativity and let my inner spirit grow.

Crystal clear blue skies above with seagulls gliding in the air,
Hot, white sand slips between my toes as I settle in my chair.
Ocean waves with foamy white caps scent the breeze with salty spray,
What a wonderful way to spend a summer’s day.

Sun’s Kiss

The heat blazes down like
Lava finding its course from
Molten mouth that gapes wide
Open in a fiery yawn.

Sweat forms like a strand of pearls
Around my neck and forehead
I feel alive and powerful
I am pulsing with life that is
Both hot and sweet in its embrace.

I surrender to the flow of warmth
As strength and vitality move through me
Etching out their course in wet furrow
Of brow and shoulder blade.

The sun hangs overhead in full glory
No eyes may see its blinding beauty
We turn away and close lids that are
Still not able to veil its mysteries.

The heat blazes all around and
All of the world rejoices in Summer’s kiss.

Into the Spotlight


I dance in the light of the moon,
Its cool and gentle beams
Soothing and healing.

I hide in the shadows
Communing with the
Fireflies and the Fae.

I am comfortable.

I feel safe and protected
In the moon’s nurturing care.

I would stay here always.

Eventually, inevitably,
My sanctuary is invaded
By the light in the east.

As the sun’s brilliant light breaks forth
The moon’s gentle glow is ruthlessly
Pushed aside.

The blazing light forces its way
Into the shadows and shines
Its spotlight on me.

I am scared.

I know from experience that the
Fiery power of the sun can burn.

It can destroy.

Yet, as the sun’s rays reach the earth
I see its denizens come to life.

Glorious flowers reach up and
Open themselves to the light.

Little creatures awake from their slumber and
Begin their day with a flurry of activity.

The twinkle of the light on the water beckons
Me to step forward into the light.

The sun’s warmth penetrates my skin and
I feel its powerful energy, fierce and primal.

As I open myself to the sun’s blazing heat it
Enters me and burns away the dark bits of my soul.

These shadows are replaced with brilliant light
Which reveals, heals, and makes me whole.

I will always be more comfortable in the
Coolness of the moon’s gentle light but
Now I know that I can step forward
Into the sunlight without fear.

For even if I burn, I will heal and a
New shiny version of me will be revealed
No longer afraid to be seen.

The Glory of the Sun! The Waning of the Year!

We recently celebrated the Summer Solstice; the longest day of the year and the peak of the Sun’s power as the incremental decrease in daylight takes hold. There are many ways in which this Sabbat is celebrated depending on your tradition and/or personal preference in honoring deity. Our coven chose a theme of the cycle of the Egyptian Solar God, RA and his daily path in the Solar Barque. This intention may also be applied to the cycles of the year; Dawn being the space of the Vernal Equinox, Noon, that of the Summer Solstice, Dusk, that of the Autumnal Equinox and the Midnight Sun, that of the Winter Solstice.

As support to this, we called on the polarities of the Goddess Sekhmet as the Blade of clarity and Hathor as the space of healing of what had been released in the brilliance of RA’s light. These are the invocations written to the Solar Luminaries whose words hold true for any work or celebration that may be called into action…

Invocation to RA, In His Many Forms
by CB

khepri-ra 2

Hail, O’ Great Ra!

At dawn rising from the dark depths of the Underworld as Kephri,
The Great winged scarab, on the starry back of your Mother, Nut
You make the great journey on your solar barque every day with
Thoth at your side.

As you reach your aerie overhead, you become all truth, all light…
The Eye of Horus
Your brilliance blinds us!

You descend again to the Underworld as Osiris at twilight and
You are once again swallowed up by darkness at midnight.

We ask you to be present here today on this,
The longest day of the year with your sun disc brilliant
And illuminating our way forward for the great work that lays ahead.

O’ Ra!
Join us now!

Invocation to Sekhmet
by LK


Hail Sehkmet!

O’ Powerful One, we ask you to join us today
As we celebrate the strength of the blazing sun
As it reaches its peak of power.

Hail Sekhmet!

She who is also called Nesert,
The flame of the desert sun.

We call on you as we strive to rid ourselves of that
Which blinds us from seeing our path and that which
Prevents us from reaching our true potential.

O’, Wielder of the Fiery Blade,
We ask that you guide us on our journey
And cut away the glare of excess light,
Returning it to the sun.

Mistress of healers, please be with us today
As we search through the brilliant light.

Help us to reveal that which is hidden from us
So that we may heal that which is left behind.

Hail Sehkmet, Daughter of Ra!
Hail, O’ Powerful One!

Hail, and Welcome!

Invocation to Hathor
by S.S.


Hail Hathor! Goddess of the Sky and Stars!
Primoridal Mother created from the tears of Ra.
Embodiment of joy, peace, love and healing.
I call to you, asking your presence at this Summer Solstice.
Pour your blessings upon those in this circle who seek your healing touch.

Hail Hathor! Goddess of Beauty and Love!
Ancient Mother who is the Eye of Ra.
Healer of both mind and spirit, as only you can.
I call to you with chant and drum and dance, to come to us on this day.
Your children’s hearts are open to receive your calmness and renewal.

Hail Hathor! Lady of Gold! Great Mother!
Come to us this day.

First Steps on the Seeker’s Path

In Search of the Divine – Part One
A Place of Beginnings
by Robin

A shared goal of seekers on any spiritual path is that of revealing the Divine. What the definition of that word – “Divine” – is carries the weight of personal perception, experience and what we have learned from our community, society as a whole and observation of an interface of communing that resonates with your belief system.

For some that space of revelation occurs only when they have suspended what they believed to be true of Divinity and called out in complete surrender to the possibilities of how the Divine courses through existence. For others, the interface between Divinity and themselves is an organic flow supported by the acknowledgement that they embody the Divine by virtue of being a product and spark of Divinity’s presence. And, for others, the Divine lay beyond and separate from who and what the individual is as a human, corporeal being. I believe that in our search all of the above is true at some point on that journey.

One of the prominent definitions of “Divine” is:  of, from, or like God or a God..

Now, this complicates matters further, because the entirety of what we consider to be Divine is in one way or another an out-picturing of what we consider to be God or like a God. For me, the concept of God(s) has always been one of an energy that contains the wisdom of all that is. Not a person or even a specific form, but the embodiment of pure undiluted energy that takes on the form of whatever is needed to achieve the appropriate level of understanding (and connection) that is very individualized and ‘person” specific.

This is a very broad and dynamically inclusive idea, which for me has actually given more clarity and definition to what I believe the Divine to encompass. I will repeat a statement made in the last post (Getting Back to Basics)…

” One of the adages that goes hand and hand with mystical studies is that with more knowledge gained comes greater responsibility.I would like to add to that the thought that with more depth of understanding comes greater simplicity in endeavor.”

The search for the Divine requires nothing more than opening to your own wisdom and place of knowing. And, yet it is exceedingly complex in how to go about that task. At every moment we are in the presence of the Divine. We breathe in the inspiration of the divinity of Life and exhale the creation of new life as response. Follow the breath of this release back to its point of origin; spiraling inward to a self that serves as the sacred vessel of the Divine incarnate. Breathe in the Divine and exhale as Divinity..

Next month: Part Two-Roads Less Travelled

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