June 2016-Summer Thoughts

Vol. 1 – Issue 2

Musings From the Mystic Path
The Month of June
Summer Solstice and More


This month we have some poetry to share, an article about the celebration of the Summer Solstice and the first of a series of articles about spiritual practice and taking those First Steps on the Seeker’s Path.

Featured Writings

The Awakening
by SSE

The corporeal being was unaware
How the heart chafed against its
Confinement by mundane life.


Then comes music with

Raising inner energy
That cascades past all limits
Washes away all boundaries
And releases the heart to dance
In ecstasy with the stars.


A Moment of Perfect Bliss
by LK

Time has stopped.

The world has retreated.

I feel the hot, humid air of the rainforest wrapping me in a comforting embrace.

A drop of sweat falls from my lip and I savor it’s salinic taste.

A small butterfly lands on my arm. He, too, wants to sample my salty dew.

In the distance his brethren dance. Their brilliant yellows, blues, and oranges vibrant against the dark green of the rainforest.

To what music are the butterflies dancing? Perhaps, to some internal melody? Or maybe to the peaceful symphony surrounding us.

The gentle rustle of the leaves weaves a harmony for the musical conversations of the birds in the treetops. The scurry of small animals in the undergrowth adding its own countermelody.

Occasionally, an exotic creature bravely ventures out to explore the open space. Perhaps drawn by the peaceful safety of this haven. Or, just maybe, they want to join the butterflies’ dance!

As I immerse myself in this exotic scene a song comes unbidden to my lips. I find myself singing “Peaceful, easy feeling” to myself, to the butterflies, to the rainforest and all it’s denizens. My vocalizations adding to, and blending with, the exotic song of the jungle.

And I find myself in a moment of perfect bliss.

by LDB

Reverberation circles in my throat
Sound catches and is swallowed.

Singing is sound
Is breath
Is life
Is self
Is Life itself.

Chanting together in ritual trances, enchants
Voices rise and Spirit is encircled with sound
Creating a form tangible, audible, visual, sensed.

Movement of air through the breath channels
The chakras of my body
Re-Sounding my Spirit
Into the ears of the Universe
That awaits the sound of my voice.

Uniquely my own
My voice supported by breath
By will
By intention
By emotion.

I take in another breath
I open my self
I sing.

All begins with the breath.



The participants of the workshop in session this month entitled
The Witch, the Tree and the Journey of No Steps
were asked this question..

How do you define yourself as a Witch?

Answer from C.B.:

“What it means to be a Witch is to harness the energies and powers of Nature and the Cosmos and to channel them through me to effect change in the mundane
and the non-mundane aspects of life.” 

A Journey Into the Past
by MQ


I visit a well kept cemetery in Mexico and
As with most resting places of the ancestors
it has a quiet reverent atmosphere.

20160524_102130                  20160524_101624

Bright colorful tombstones are patrolled by
Iguanas making it a bit less somber.


On this hot day I am so grateful that
I am allowed to explore underground
Putting some distance between the
Strong sun and my reddish skin.

And so I climb down below into the belly of Gaia.

20160524_100633         20160524_100713

Once below I stand and reflect
Breathe and absorb this cooler
Surprisingly drier set of burial chambers.

Deep beneath the earth’s surface I am
Startled suddenly as a single fully grown
Butterfly makes its presence known
And begins to flutter about me.

In this serene place
Where so many reflect on
The death of their loved ones..

I have been given an amazing reminder of
Life and the glorious circle.


Focus On…

The Summer Solstice
by Ionlanthe


The Summer Solstice will come to us on June 20, 2016, while the full moon will be in Capricorn. The Summer Solstice is also known as Litha, the Latin name for June and July, and it is the first day of summer.

According to the EarthSky website http://earthsky.org/?p=235591
“On the June solstice, the sun rises farthest north of due east and sets farthest north of due west. For the Northern Hemisphere, that means the longest period of daylight and the shortest period of darkness for the year.”

The Summer Solstice is a time of expansion. It is the pinnacle of the light of the Sun that begins the warming of the earth where the seeds that were planted and are now pushing up out of the ground and coming to flower. The fire of growth brings new beginnings. It is when bees are busily collecting nectar from sun-warmed flowers to make honey.

This Solstice, the dark time will be well-lit by a full moon, a phenomenon that recurs every 19 years. The last time we had a full moon on the Summer Solstice was June 1997. Can you think back where you were at that time, and what changes have occurred since then? This full moon is in Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, supporting stability, growth, facing challenges, starting new projects, and working until the goal is reached. What will you manifest as an outcome of this full-moon lit Summer Solstice? After this day, the nights will begin to grow longer, the days will grow warmer, and we will see the outcome of what we had planted earlier in the year.

In preparation for the Solstice this year, I planted herbs and flowers. Now growing in my garden are sage, thyme, lavender, rosemary, oregano. I also have a red bell pepper plant growing, and onions and garlic. I planted a window box with a variety of white flowers, and a hanging basket with myriad purple flowers. While I planted, I was intoxicated by the scent of lilac—our lilac bush is in full bloom. The Hawthorn tree bloomed beautifully this year, and right now the irises are coming up. I spend the afternoon of Mother’s Day this year gardening with my spouse and my sister-in-law in my mother-in-law’s garden, weeding, pruning and sprucing up, and planting coleus, pansies, blue and yellow flowers in her window boxes, and moving other plants to better locations. I spread compost from my sister-in-law’s rabbit family: I never knew that rabbit manure was so good for plants. They grow beautifully with this gift from the bunnies.

This is a good reminder that we come from the earth, that we are manifest of matter, enriched by the cosmos, and enlivened by the spirit, in an endless cycle. Nectar is transformed into honey for food for the bees, seeds are transformed into plants, flowers, fruits, trees, that then produce more seeds. We put plants into the earth that then reach for the sky and put down roots to find nutrients and water. Vegetables and greens are turned by the rabbits into nourishing compost.

We are encouraged by sunlight to go outside, to be part of nature, to turn our faces up to the warmth, to feel all our senses that are activated by the summer. On this Solstice, because of the full moon on the shortest night, we are also encouraged to go inward, to examine our inner selves, our deepest thoughts, wishes, fears, hopes, questions, and allow light to shine on what we are becoming from within.

Who are we in the darkness? Who will we be when we bring ourselves into the light? How will we be transformed by this gift of abundant light?


First Steps on the Seeker’s Path

Getting Back to Basics
by Robin

When I was dancing one of the things I enjoyed doing the most was taking a basic level technique class that would allow me to concentrate and focus on doing the exercise smoothly, slowly and with more intent.Now, what is unusual about this is that I was a classically trained professional ballet dancer who had long graduated from the tedium of basic barre and centre practice.Allowing myself the space to return to that point of new beginnings and exertion of effort towards perfection and mastery was something more of a meditative practice that provided a new flood of joy in execution to emerge and a vaster reservoir of movement.It was an experience similar to watching snow flakes collect on a window.They are all of the same category and energy, but with closer inspection no two are alike.Spiritual practice is very much like that. Hidden within the complexities of variety are the simple truths and the basic paths that are the foundation upon which the final masterpiece is built.

We all have within the core of the spiritual practice we have built, the simple threads that allowed us access to those more complex ideas.And, with this complexity and “more experience” often come feelings of burn out- not having enough time- and general dissatisfaction in the progress we are making.This is when we most need to return to the simpler; yet often more focused and insightful tools we started out with.How would it feel for one week to go without reading a book of esoteric teachings? The one who reads the most books does not necessarily have the greatest experience of the mysteries. What would your meditation be like to simply “sit” in the presence of the Higher Self; without pre-conceived ideas, invocations and smells and bells to draw that energy nearer? This is perhaps the hardest act of simplicity; but also the one that requires the most “belief” that you will make that connection in whatever time, way and space is for your highest good. And what energy could be drawn from simply breathing mindfully and fully as you move throughout your day? Energy follows awareness and is within and without us always. Turning that awareness towards the simple (yet highly disciplined act) of True focus is part of the mastery of the adept.

One of the adages that goes hand and hand with mystical studies is that with more knowledge gained comes greater responsibility.I would like to add to that the thought that with more depth of understanding comes greater simplicity in endeavor.


Upcoming Events

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The Witch, the Tree and the Journey of No Steps

7-Wk. Workshop Series
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June 18
Celebration of the Summer Solstice

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